Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Attribution

William Greene, Senior Business Analyst I’ve been working here at Coremetrics for several years now and have found that optimization of all forms of paid marketing often provides some of the quickest return on investment for our clients. This is especially true when clients take the time to understand the impact of various attribution windows […]

Ghosts of Online Marketing Past, Present and Future

It’s difficult to stay on top of ever-changing behavioral patterns in addition to understanding and mastering the increasing number of online channels such as blogs, RSS feeds, etc. At the same time, marketers are still trying to capitalize on more traditional online mediums such as email and paid search. So how have marketers responded to […]

Considering Behavioral Targeting? Full Disclosure Is Key

For the past several years, behavioral targeting has been a fail-safe tactic available to marketers for effectively targeting consumers online.  Remember that woman who came to your site yesterday?  You know the one – she compared specs on a few digital cameras and then navigated over to notebooks where she wrote a review for a […]

Can You Measure Cross-Channel Impact On Your Business ?

Many businesses have a number of ways—web sites, stores or kiosks, catalogs or mail order, call centers–of reaching their customers. But how can we figure out how these channels influence each other and come up with a true understanding of multichannel influence? Following is a step-by-step methodology: Catalog to Online Business: The most common and […]

Marketing attribution: breaking through the org chart

The topic of marketing attribution has been gaining public attention, as more marketers realize they must do a better job of analyzing the performance of their campaigns and initiatives (good attribution discussions are available here and here). If you haven’t seen marketing attribution in action, check out the image below. Basically, you stack your various […]

Web Analytics, Targeted Ads and Privacy

We just launched an application called Coremetrics AdTarget™. AdTarget lets our clients leverage their existing Coremetrics analytics tags to syndicate their customer activity data to any of our partner ad targeting networks that they contract with. Customers will be able to launch highly tailored display ad campaigns and take advantage of one or more ad […]

Coremetrics is now Google-certified for impression tracking

And now for some exciting news: we are officially a Google-certified third party research vendor. This certification covers a wide range of Google properties, including Google Content Network, YouTube, Ad Manager and Dart Doubleclick. (07/23/2009 Update: You can find us listed on Google’s vendor list under North America: Research Why should you care, you ask? […]

Student Insights on Smarter Cities

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