Creating a Thinking Supply Chain for the Cognitive Era

We are in the early days of a promising new technology era – the era of artificial intelligence (AI). AI technologies are no longer the realm of science fiction – nor the sole domain of computer scientists and techies. According to TechRepublic (ZDNet), technology and economics are aligning in a way that puts us at […]

3 Strategies for Success in the Age of Intelligence

Ardent Partners recently published a report “Cognitive Procurement: The Age of Intelligence,” which examines the field of cognitive computing and discusses how the capabilities in these new and emerging solutions could impact and fundamentally change the procurement industry. The report, sponsored by IBM Watson Supply Chain, is hot off the presses and available for immediate […]

Quicken Customer Responsiveness – Bring Cognitive Into Your Supply Chain

You’re just back from lunch, and there’s an email from Ted marked “URGENT.” It reads, “Hi Bill, When are we expecting those parts from SupplyCo that we ordered last week? Got an urgent customer order, but I can’t commit a delivery date until I know when we’ll get those parts.” Ted’s a great bloke. But […]

My Time-Tested 3 Keys to Getting the Most Out of InterConnect

InterConnect 2017 is the ultimate place for IT executives and professionals to learn how to create competitive advantages with B2B integration, managed file transfer, and supply chain solutions. If you’ve already registered, you probably are busy making travel plans and scheduling sessions and activities to fill your agenda. Having been to the last three InterConnect […]

All for One: A Collective Approach to Customer Engagement

Feeling, perception, memory – hallmarks of humanity. Maybe not the first words that drift to mind when you think supply chain. But they’re the pulse of every brand – the essence of savvy business. “It’s not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is,” bestselling author and communication mastermind Marty Neumeier reminds […]

Podcast: Cognitive Solution Empowers Supply Chain Leaders

In this podcast, Rob Allan, program director, offering management for IBM, talks about the new Supply Chain Insights Platform, which is part of IBM Watson Supply Chain. It’s no secret that business expectations have changed and are continuing to evolve. By establishing greater visibility into supply chain data and processes and leveraging fast-emerging cognitive technologies, […]

At CEVA: Operational Excellence Is a Way of Life

From providing high-tech tablets to a simple can of beans, supply chain management is a difficult business and one that gets more complicated each day. Logistics used to be about getting from point A to B. But these days, goods have to pass through a whole alphabet of places on route to their destination. They […]

Meet Your Cognitive College Adjunct Professors!

We get it. Cognitive technology isn’t the simplest concept to grasp. From understanding how it works to deciding the best way to apply it to our professions, it helps to have some guidance along the way. We’re here to help with that. At World of Watson this year, we gathered some of the industry’s brightest […]

Cognitive College Is Here!

Cognitive technology has the potential to revolutionize the way professionals engage and interact with their customers. With actionable insights, we can all make more informed decisions that positively impact our company’s bottom line. However, cognitive is a new concept to some, and the benefits, implications, and value of the technology can be difficult to fully […]

Transvoyant Helps Reduce Holiday Stress by Mitigating Inventory Disruptions

Do you ever wonder how your holiday favorites are always in stock, no matter what the latest trends are, and no matter whether you’re online, on your mobile device or in the store? How do retailers anticipate what “THE” big item is going to be that year? Where do these goods come from? How far […]

Anheuser-Busch: Cheers to Product Quality, Price, and Availability

When toasting this holiday season, Anheuser-Busch ensures quality, price, and availability of your favorite lager in your hand. Anheuser-Busch InBev created an integrated global procurement process that leverages the company’s scale – while promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration in an organization with many diverse talents and and areas of expertise. In fact, procurement is critical […]

IDC: Watson Supply Chain Addressing the Talent Crunch Head-On

Balancing supply chains is a never-ending puzzle. Determining necessary inventory levels, asset locations, storage capacity, labor availability – it’s a lot of factors to consider – and each time you alleviate one bottleneck, another is created. Retailers and manufacturers alike have recognized this as an issue and a priority. According to IDC’s 2016 Supply Chain […]