In-Store Mobile Payments Will Grow Faster Than Any Other over the next 5 Years

According to the Forrester Data Mobile Payments Forecast, 2016 to 2021, mobile in-person payments will grow to 6.8x what is was in 2015. Shoppers are taking their phones into your stores more often than they ever have before. In fact, according to the Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council and M/A/R/C Research, 84% of smartphone shoppers […]

Merchants Should Look to Mobile Checkout to Increase the Use of Their Private Label Cards

If you are like my family, you are frequent visitors to Target. We have one of the super-sized stores right near the house and we are constantly running in to get something. One thing you have probably noticed if you are a Target shopper is that every time you checkout you are asked if you’d […]

Exciting Trends in Payments and Their Value to Merchants

The evolution of payments has created many opportunities for increased convenience and greater access. Omni-channel solutions can now form a coherent experience for consumers with more insight for merchants. At IBM, we are again at the forefront of creating access to these opportunities and reducing the complexity for our clients with our Store Engagement solution […]

IBM Pay Solution and NRF 2017

IBM has always been at the forefront of the technology that drives retail revolutions. We were there when we added the magnetic stripe to a plastic card in the 1960s, we were there when we introduced the bar code in the 1970s, and again with the desktop-based point of sale system in the 1980s. We […]

Accelerating Adoption of Immediate Payments

A few months ago, I wrote about the pressures on financial institutions to offer immediate payments processing to their customers. “Banks should plan for a real-time everything in the future – more than just a payment type, real-time will underpin everything digital that a bank does,” states Gareth Lodge, senior analyst at Celent.* Understanding the […]

IBM Payments Gateway Placed as Leader in The Forrester Wave: Global Commerce Payment Providers, 4Q 2016 report

The first ever The Forrester Wave™: Global Commerce Payment Providers, 4Q 2016  report has been released and Forrester has placed IBM Payment Gateway solution as a Leader in its evaluation. This report underscores for us the importance merchants are placing on their payments acceptance systems to meet the high expectations of shoppers, dependable data security, and to […]

Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part Three

In our first two blogs in this series (part one and part two), we addressed the issues facing consumers as they try to juggle apps and loyalty offers during checkout, and how retailers drive success by staying connected to their customers and maximizing margins.  A branded mobile payment solution using a payment method saved on file could […]

Preparing for Instant Payments in a Digital Economy

As the commercial banking landscape transforms rapidly to adapt to an increasingly digital world, it’s clear that client-demand-led schemes like faster payments are challenging the traditional paradigms we’ve held sacred for decades. This is resulting in direct pressure on financial institutions to adapt faster and place a premium on innovation now – more than ever […]

Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part Two

In our first blog in this series, we talked about the issues facing consumers like Becky when they try to checkout with a mobile device in their favorite brands’ stores using loyalty, rewards and coupons in a single transaction. She often has to fumble keychains and paper coupons, or juggle apps, to complete the checkout process. Branded […]

Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part One

Loyal brand customers like Becky are now using their smartphones while shopping in store 75% of the time, but she has a mobile checkout problem. She likes using her mobile phone for checkout but she wants a fast, easy mobile payments experience with her favorite brand’s loyalty rewards and coupons available in a single mobile […]

Fraud Management: Make Money without Getting Robbed

According to Ori Eisen, founder of antifraud technology provider 41st Parameter, an estimated “USD 120 billion of transactions are declined annually and up to USD 40 billion of those are wrongfully declined, thus avoidable.”¹ So if false positives account for over 30 percent of declined transactions, how much money have you lost because of them? […]

Are You Ready for Sibos?

I’m looking forward to attending the world’s premier event for the banking industry: Sibos, which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from September 26 to 29. This event, organized by SWIFT, provides a unique forum to collaborate and take collective action in payments, securities, cash management, and trade in the banking industry. This year, we’re […]