Dynamic Pricing

Introducing the New IBM Dynamic Pricing Dashboard

When I drive my new, sporty car (with the red leather seats), I can quickly find out my speed, the temperature outside, and much, much more with just a glance at the dashboard. What I really love are the indicators and warning alerts — telling me when I need an oil change, that the tire pressure […]

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In 2018, Don’t Miss the Right Moment to Make a Pricing Move

It’s getting close to the end of the year, but you’re probably already planning for the 2018 holiday season. What can you implement now to help you achieve your financial goals next year? Change Pricing Strategies at Just the Right Time Imagine this scenario: You already have IBM WebSphere Commerce and need to have up-to-date […]

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Does your pricing solution speak your language?

When you listen, what languages do you hear? Just think about it. I recently took a trip to Canada. During my trip I heard French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. As I did my touring and shopping, I needed to be able to pay in American dollars or in Canadian dollars. Everywhere I shopped, all the […]

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Pricing rules and recommendations that never stop learning

It’s back to school time! Everyone is getting on-board with the school schedule, packing lunches, and getting on that bus. The kids are so excited about having a new teacher and meeting new friends. What if back to school time was easier? What if, it used Artificial Intelligence? What if, after 1st grade, your kids […]

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Dynamic Pricing makes your pricing activities easy all year long!

    Have you thought about Dynamic Pricing? It’s summer time and the days are longer.  Everyone is enjoying warm weather and evenings on the patio.  Some of you might be fretting over making pricing decisions.  Some days, you probably spend a lot of time reviewing and approving pricing that you know are correct.  How […]

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