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Forrester: How Marketers Can Take Control of Their Content

Web and mobile marketing content can’t wait Marketers trying to deliver the most relevant content to customers often can’t do it themselves, which means acting fast is just a dream. Every time they need to make a change to content, most marketers need to go though a developer. It’s not efficient, and it wastes the […]

That Awkward Moment When You Have to Decide Who Gets Left Out of the Content Management System

I am not going to lie – I am still on my family’s Netflix account. Why pay for my own account when I have the login for the family account? However sharing a login does come with some drawbacks – on our account only one person can be watching Netflix at a time. There’s nothing […]

Podcast: Choosing Content Management Software

You have lots of choices when it comes to content management software. Learn more about choosing content management software in this podcast by David Strachan, Offering Manager at IBM. David talks about selecting a CMS and what sets Watson Content Hub apart. The whole point of a CMS system is to help you create, as […]

Forrester on Digital Experience: Set Your Developers Free

Learn how to free up your developers, so they can do their development work Marketers, business owners, and developers often need to work together to deliver the best possible results. But there can be too much togetherness. According to a recent Forrester study, only 47% of technology developers report that their relationship with marketing is […]

Forrester: Keep Your Digital Strategy in Sync

Marketers and developers need to work together to produce better digital customer experiences. Delivering relevant, effective content and experiences to customers — at the perfect time and place — is the new imperative for businesses today. And that means making sure your digital strategies are in sync. When content is out of sync, it can […]

The content you need when you need it

Try Watson Content Hub for 30 days, FREE!   Has content become king at your company? Is your marketing department planning to produce more content this year than last year? If so, you’re not alone. In a recent survey, 70 percent of those organizations surveyed planned to increase their content creation. So, this is great. […]

Digital Experience Changes Everything

Try Watson Content Hub for 30 days, FREE!   You need a great digital experience Customers can always tell when your digital experience processes aren’t firing on all cylinders. They may not be getting the buying suggestions they expect, the home page may start to look a little outdated or there may be a glitch […]

Three cool things for marketers

Try Watson Content Hub for 30 days, FREE!   IBM Watson Content Hub is a great tool for storing structured content and assets in a cloud-based repository available to all your users, including your marketing team. Here are three reasons why Watson Content Hub is cool for marketers.   1.   My content is structured As […]

Update Your Retail Content Strategy

Try Watson Content Hub for 30 days, FREE! Are you constantly updating your retail content? That consumes resources –merchandisers, marketers and IT — all working together to keep digital storefronts up-to-date, attractive and functional. Does your team always hunt for images, copy and videos to create that online content? That takes time and money. Do […]

Marketers: Get Out of “The Waiting Place” and Take Control of Your Content

Post 3 in a series of 3 posts about challenges in content management When marketers have access to user-friendly digital experience authoring tools, they can … deliver relevant, timely messaging and offers. I’m a big fan of the book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! It’s the classic story from Dr. Seuss about the ups and […]

Create an even better customer experience

Digital experience platforms are not all created equal Even great products can benefit from an upgrade.  Think of the iPhone that’s now on version 7. Or the PlayStation 4 – it improves social interaction and integration with other devices and services. Even though our product has earned great analyst reviews over the last 14 years […]

A content management wish list for holiday promotions

What if your content management system knew your content? Learn more about cognitive content and Watson Content Hub here. ********************* Tired of content management becoming more difficult by the day and taking away your holiday cheer? Frustrated with hunting for scattered assets and copy text for your holiday promotions? So were Olivia and her team. […]