Customer Analytics

Staffing for Digital Analytics Success

There is a lot of discussion in the industry about the value of a good digital analytics analyst. Data in and of itself doesn’t really have any value. It is only when you use data to drive action that it becomes valuable. There are a lot of “analysts” who are really just report builders or […]

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Have You Identified Your Customer Personas?

The majority of businesses regardless of industry will have more than one ‘typical’ customer. These different customers should be studied to create personas that your business can then use to ensure all communications, branding and digital real estate are designed to appeal and cater to the majority of your customer base. It is impossible to […]

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Deploy And Manage IBM Interact With Digital Data Exchange – No Coding Required!

The more sophisticated digital marketing gets, the more specialized solutions for niches within digital marketing emerge to help marketers build their own eco-system that best serves their needs. So, our clients of IBM Digital Marketing Optimization (formerly Coremetrics and Unica NetInsight) employ many of these solutions to extend our suite and build their own eco-system. […]

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Retargeting in a B2B World

Retailers have long known the value of a good retargeting program.  And although retargeting has been around for years, current technology allows Marketers to create highly personalized retargeting campaigns perform better than ever. What is Retargeting? If you’ve done any online shopping, or even browsing, chances are you’ve experienced retargeting.  Have you ever received an […]

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Smarter Commerce and Analytics to Revolutionise the 4 Ps – Part 1: Price

Do you remember the” Marketing Mix?” What about “the 4 Ps?” The Marketing Mix (or 4 Ps) is a traditional approach to understanding four key factors when taking a product or service to market. The 4 Ps are one of the most well know approaches to marketing, often forming the cornerstone of many marketing decisions. […]

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5 ways to personalize your site content via IBM Marketing Center

Customers and potential customers are providing insights every time they interact with your company, regardless of channel.  Via IBM Marketing Center when recognized visitors are on your website you can personalize their experience using historical and real-time data. IBM Marketing Center is a SaaS solution that allows a company to use personalization across websites, mobile […]

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Delivering a Personalised Experience for Your Customers

Christophe Palaysi is a Solution Architect at IBM. Read on to find out about his experiences and insights from this year’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2013 in Monaco.  At this year’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Monaco, I was based in the Solutions Centre of the fantastic Grimaldi Forum, showcasing a digitalised version of ‘a […]

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