Customer Analytics

Two Tech Giants Just Changed the Customer Experience World

In the late ‘90s, I wasn’t worrying about contributing to my 401K. Heck, I probably didn’t even know what the term meant. For better or worse, time progressed and the word 401K now comes up way too much in my social circles. The world has changed drastically since the ‘90s and ecommerce is no exception. […]

The ABCs of Mobile Engagement: Analytics, Behavior and Customers

In today’s world, it’s easy to be overly reliant on our mobile devices. You can hail a taxi, order a grande non-fat mocha latte and play your favorite tunes on repeat all within a few taps of the screen. Many of us are more than willing to share personal information to make our lives a […]

Your CSRs Do Not Have to Struggle When Your Customers Struggle Online

Imagine the last time you had difficulty on a company’s website and had to contact customer service. Did the CSR ask you multiple questions requiring you to remember exactly what transpired? Were you asked questions that you didn’t know the answer to only to end up frustrated when your issue wasn’t readily understood? Chances are […]

The Future of the Ecommerce Customer Journey

I’ll say right up front, I’m fortunate to be apart of one of the coolest experiences in the world, being a Futurist for IBM. I get to observe companies doing extraordinary things in the ecommerce space and engaging with customers as they move through their journeys. It’s obvious that marketing to consumers is becoming ever […]

It Pays to Truly Know Your Customer – New Report by Econsultancy

Know your customer. The first rule of commerce, right? And easier said than done. We all know that deeper knowledge about customers enables the delivery of better experiences, which in turn drive higher conversions, revenue and loyalty. But behind that simple truth there’s a complex landscape of technology. What drives the highest benefit? What are […]

Recommended Read: Optimize Customer Experience with Digital Intelligence

Customers today demand a great experience – myself included. I recently switched my coffee allegiance to Starbucks based purely on the fabulousness of their mobile app. Truth be told, I like the competition’s coffee better. But the Starbucks mobile app is the bomb! They know me. They know where I am. They remember what I […]

Tag Management: The New Data Foundation for Personalization?

Personalization has long been a buzzword in marketing circles but 2016 is the year that brands will finally embrace the practice as a “must-have” initiative, according to a new survey by Forrester Research. Based on spending priorities for digital experience delivery, brands identified their two top priorities as “redesigning the user experience” at 69% and […]

Data Sharing isn’t a Game of Telephone

When you were a kid, did you ever play the telephone game? It’s the one where several children get together and the first one whispers something to the next one, then that kid attempts to whisper the same thing in the next one’s ear, and so on, until the message travels all the way to […]

Introducing the New IBM Digital Analytics: Modern Design, New Reporting Options, Unlimited Reports and More

From talking with many of you, we know IBM Digital Analytics has often played a key role in the daily tough decisions within your digital commerce business. Now that your customers are using multi-channel journeys at multiple touch-points to drive to a purchase, the focus on delivering great experiences has never been so important. The […]

Integrate Your Analytics and Provide Extraordinary Customer Experiences: IBM Customer Experience Analytics Launches

Today’s customer analytics solutions leave many brands with an imperfect picture of their customers’ experiences. And if brands can’t see the big picture, they can’t create experiences their customers love. Here’s what brands experience today: Their customer analytics solutions tell an incomplete story. Brands can start to piece together the “what” and the “why,” but […]

Meet the New Boss: Customers

The results from a recent study conducted by Econsultancy in association with IBM revealed 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their individual needs while 81% demand faster response times. Digital transformation is required to deliver on these customer experiences. Unfortunately, over 80% of companies lack the digital readiness, according to a recent report by […]

The Customer Analytics Evolution: A Path to Cognitive

Twenty years ago I was listening to Salt-N-Pepa and watching Seinfeld. Today I’m all about bluegrass and Game of Thrones. Just as my musical and TV preferences have evolved since those days, customer analytics has made a lot of progress as well. Since 2006, I have watched the evolution from a front row seat. I […]