B2B Integration

Quicken Customer Responsiveness – Bring Cognitive Into Your Supply Chain

You’re just back from lunch, and there’s an email from Ted marked “URGENT.” It reads, “Hi Bill, When are we expecting those parts from SupplyCo that we ordered last week? Got an urgent customer order, but I can’t commit a delivery date until I know when we’ll get those parts.” Ted’s a great bloke. But […]

My Time-Tested 3 Keys to Getting the Most Out of InterConnect

InterConnect 2017 is the ultimate place for IT executives and professionals to learn how to create competitive advantages with B2B integration, managed file transfer, and supply chain solutions. If you’ve already registered, you probably are busy making travel plans and scheduling sessions and activities to fill your agenda. Having been to the last three InterConnect […]

Tackle Your Complex Data Transformation and Integration Challenges

Data integration can be extremely complex. Just picture the number of business applications operating right now throughout your organization. Legacy platforms, customized systems, and packaged applications–all the different types of software that keep your business up and running. Plus, all those solutions rely on mediation and data transformation capabilities to interact with other applications and […]

KeHE Distributors: Keeping Shelves Stocked for All Your Holiday Needs

Come November, the home chefs in all of us turn to holiday planning. Whether prepping for coveted secret recipes, newly bookmarked gourmet treats, or know-by-heart family favorites, we ready our grocery lists, fully expecting that our neighborhood market will have the ingredients we need. But ever wonder how it happens? Take KeHE Distributors, for example. […]

Anheuser-Busch: Cheers to Product Quality, Price, and Availability

When toasting this holiday season, Anheuser-Busch ensures quality, price, and availability of your favorite lager in your hand. Anheuser-Busch InBev created an integrated global procurement process that leverages the company’s scale – while promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration in an organization with many diverse talents and and areas of expertise. In fact, procurement is critical […]

IDC: Watson Supply Chain Addressing the Talent Crunch Head-On

Balancing supply chains is a never-ending puzzle. Determining necessary inventory levels, asset locations, storage capacity, labor availability – it’s a lot of factors to consider – and each time you alleviate one bottleneck, another is created. Retailers and manufacturers alike have recognized this as an issue and a priority. According to IDC’s 2016 Supply Chain […]

IDC: Launch of Watson Supply Chain Looks to Address Gaps in Data Analytics and Resources

This week, at World of Watson in Las Vegas, IBM announced the launch of Watson Supply Chain, leveraging their Watson cognitive/artificial intelligence (AI) technology to change the paradigm of how manufacturing supply chains are operated and optimized. As IBM notes on their Watson Supply Chain website, “By establishing greater visibility into supply chain data and […]

Overcoming the Barriers to B2B Integration: A Universal Approach to Data Standards

Industry standards are designed to make it easier for organizations to exchange information. Many industries, including healthcare, financial services, and insurance, rely on standards-based data to speed up business processes and enable streamlined data transformation. We all know manual processes can slow down workflows and introduce errors, which is why automating standards-based data processing is […]

3 Guiding Principles for Efficient Managed File Transfer Workflow

Files and goods travel across the globe – across countries, continents, and hemispheres. Innumerable transactions occur every minute. Without a way to monitor them, it’s chaos. To have real management and control, you need visibility into what’s really going on. You and your team need access to information, with processes simple enough to promote frequent […]

Why Data Is Causing Massive Changes in the U.S. Health Industry

The U.S. health industry has undergone dramatic shifts over the past few years. Of course, we all know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has driven many of those changes. But there’s another reason for the transformation happening in the industry, and it’s one that will continue to tremendously influence the years to come. It’s […]

The 6 Essential Elements of a Modern B2B Integration Architecture

B2B integration is vital to most companies’ operations regardless of industry. B2B integration processes range from completely manual (e.g., receiving a fax or phone call with orders and manually inputting them into an order application) to completely automated, where only the exceptions stop the process (built on trust, an adherence to data standards/formats, and synchronized […]

Complying with HIPAA: Why Interpretation Matters

When are rules not really rules? When they’re in the HIPAA guidelines. Staying compliant with regulations can be a huge challenge for organizations today. One of the reasons is that figuring out exactly what certain rules actually mean can be a complex proposition. It’s a lot like navigating the legal system. Every day, judges and […]