Announcing: A wizard for optimizing natural search (SEO)

“The best things in life are free”, they say, and organic search traffic might seem free at first glance. But in truth, as you will know, organic search isn’t free at all. It requires hard SEO work upfront before you can rank well for highly coveted keywords. This wizard is for any marketer looking to […]

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Implementation Success – Critical Success Factors

Often creating critical success factors for an implementation project is skipped all together or is a laundry list of functionality.  When this activity is given its proper importance it can transform a project.  Why, you may ask?  Because when an implementation team takes the time to create tangible, achievable and measurable critical success factors (CSF’s) […]

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A Wizard for Web Analysts

Modern web analytics solutions can answer almost any question. But until recently, practitioners had been left to their own devices when it came to figuring out what series of questions to ask. So, each practitioner has had to reinvent “analysis” on their own. Lots of books and helpful consultants are available to educate practitioners on […]

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How to measure social media accurately

Social media is a powerful way for organizations to connect with passionate customers, prospects and website visitors. Too many social media programs, however, are implemented without a reliable process to quantify their impact on top- or bottom-line goals. How successful was a video in driving users to the site? What kind of comments are users […]

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Effective PPC Campaign Cloning

In the world of Search Engine Marketing, one of the many “must have” features in an SEM application is the ability to quickly grow one’s portfolio of keywords to increase coverage – either using relevant keyword suggestions or the ability to clone keywords quickly from one vendor across to another via a Campaign Cloning feature. […]

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Optimizing for The Future

As Joe has mentioned, we are very proud of our results in “The Forrester Wave™ Web Analytics, Q3 2009,” which just came out on July 23, 2009. One of the areas where we ranked exceptionally well was in our strategy, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to lay out a little of the thinking […]

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Does your web analytics matter?

As far as applied web analytics is concerned, there are two types of people in the world: those who use analytics because they know it’s important to do it, and those who use analytics because it’s making a big difference for their business. What type of analytics person are you? It’s true that the two […]

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Search marketers confident about budget increase, not so about Bing

We recently polled search marketing practitioners and executives about their paid search programs. The poll was taken during a PPC best-practice webinar that we hosted with Search Marketing Standard. The webinar shared the experience and insights of Hello Direct, a Coremetrics client, who was able to maintain great search program performance despite massively reduced budgets […]

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Maneuvering Mobile

If you are like any of my clients you are probably asking one or more of the below questions: 1. How can I understand mobile visitors on my site? 2. Do I really need to invest in a pure mobile site if I don’t already have one or should I invest in an iPhone application? […]

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