Rich Edwards

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and More by Understanding the Journeys Your Customers Travel

Today, I’ll discuss how the insight gained by a better understanding of the paths your customers travel as they interact with your brand can lead to significantly improved business results and, ultimately, higher customer lifetime value. This is the final installment in a three-part series covering the benefits of customer journey analysis, while also sharing […]

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Gain Insights from Customer Journey Analysis to Build Superior Experiences

When released later this year, IBM Journey Analytics will be the first solution allowing you to visualize and analyze the paths your customers take, over time and across channels. We unveiled Journey Analytics to great excitement at IBM Amplify 2015 and, as we move toward launch, I want to continue to share details about what […]

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Customer Journey Analytics: Analyze and View the Customer Journey over Time and across Devices

Last month at the IBM Amplify 2015 conference, we unveiled IBM Journey Analytics. With a planned release later this year, Journey Analytics is the first solution to visualize and analyze the paths customers take, over time and across channels. We have and continue to listen to our clients, and from this collaboration we know providing […]

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