Michael Trapani

Paving the Way for Better Customer Journeys with Actionable Insights

Imagine if you will, a fictional company, CityCool. Back in September, CityCool launched their new flagship product, Sleekfit 2.0. The customer and editorial reviews were generally positive, and they are on track to meet their end-of -year revenue goals. With the holiday shopping season just ahead of them, CityCool hopes to gather insights about how, […]

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Five Best Practices on Journey Design, Part Two

Welcome back to our series on journey design. Last week, we started with our first two steps of 1) establishing the foundations of our journey by standardizing marketing segments and 2) looking at constructing specific stages of a customer journey as it begins to take form. In this post, we will take you through the […]

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Five Best Practices on Journey Design, Part One

Remember when marketing was easy? A simple enough process: Create some campaigns, design creative, write some copy, and then publish. We would pat ourselves on the back for how creative our ideas were and move on to the next campaign. These days, campaigns are no longer the high-level strategy within a marketing organization. Our customers […]

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