Veronica Kirn

IDC Weighs In: What’s the ROI of B2B Integration on Cloud?

When it comes to increasing revenue, speeding up time to market, and improving efficiency, a modern approach to B2B integration is critical. That’s because all these outcomes depend on having a successful business network — one that’s flexible and cost-effective. Of course, no business can afford to sacrifice innovation to keep costs in check. Fortunately, […]

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How to Tackle Your Top 3 Business Challenges with B2B Integration Services

Businesses continue to try to do more for less, and it’s especially true when it comes to B2B integration. Today’s marketplace requires more connections, more partners, and more flexible, collaborative networks. Meanwhile, organizations must also improve productivity, mitigate risk, and ensure regulatory compliance to gain a competitive edge. Doing all this while reducing the cost […]

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