Jeanette Barlow

IBM and Aricent Extend Partnership on B2B Integration and MFT Solutions

Today marks an important milestone for our B2B Collaboration business. IBM and Aricent, a global design and engineering firm, are expanding our collaboration to include support for IBM Control Center, IBM Secure Proxy and IBM External Authentication Server (SEAS). This expanded collaboration will deliver new developments for IBM’s B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT) […]

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AI, Blockchain and IoT – See the Future of Supply Chain Unfold at THINK 2018

Nearly every supply chain leader sees the future coming up fast. And that future is made possible by AI and machine learning, Blockchain and IoT as innovations that will change their business forever. But the future is starting to feel a whole lot closer now, isn’t it? It’s starting to feel real. Your intuition is […]

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AI for Supply Chain Professionals – A Force for Change

All customers expect their purchase to show up as expected and on time. But if you’re a supply chain professional, like so many we work with, you know there are thousands of things that have to be executed perfectly for that customer to have their anticipated experience. And we know things can, and do, go […]

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