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IBM Amplify: Your Order Management & Supply Chain Base Camp for Omni-channel Survival

As customer expectations increase exponentially, omni-channel fulfillment is table stakes for survival in business. Yet thriving in today’s rugged business environment — finding a clear path to success — can feel elusive… like finding the Yeti. Though starting points or zero-mile markers often vary, the end goal is the same. How do we give customers what they […]

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IBM Omni-channel Order Management: Customer Convenience is Still King!

Ever since the completion of the super highway system in the 1950s, Americans have been mobile and retailers have been in hot pursuit to capture our attention ever since, through the convenience of roadside restaurants, hotels, and gas stations to engage us as we crisscross the country in the “Griswald Family Truckster” for example. Then, […]

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Information Week and Leading Author in Optimization Share Best Practices

Decision Optimization and Advanced Analytics can add so much business value that executive decision managers are integrating optimization and analytics across the extended enterprise.  The results are significant.  Consider: Marriott increased revenue in their first year of optimizing their group pricing by $46M and by $76M in year two, during a recession with overall industry […]

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