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The Masters: Tradition Meets Cutting-Edge

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The power behind the performance

“IBM designs, develops and delivers digital experiences for global sporting events including The Masters, Wimbledon and the US Open — but these capabilities aren’t all fun and games. The same technologies that perform competitive analyses for players and connect events with millions of fans can help your business outperform the competition and connect with your customers.


The beauty of the Augusta National golf course, the ceremonial opening tee shot, the iconic green jacket – these are just a few of the many traditions at the Masters Golf Tournament. But this year tradition met cutting edge technology. Highlights from the Masters were produced by artificial intelligence, or AI, supplied by Watson and IBM.

Managing the Data

As you might imagine, dozens of live streams at the tournament log hundreds of hours of raw video. Some of it is used to make short clips, but what about the rest?

The tournament hired Watson. Production became much easier for the digital team because Watson AI, in the form of Watson Media, quickly scanned all that video content, tagged it and indexed it. It also identified the players in each clip. Then, AI analyzed the crowd noise and the tone of the announcer, so each video clip could be scored by importance. The result — video clips organized and ready to use for both highlight reels and for feed to the Masters app.

Making it Personal

Missed some of the action and want to see how your favorite player fared? My Moments is another big part of the Masters app. It’s a personalized highlight reel that lets you catch up on all the great shots you might have missed. My Moments users select their favorite players, and highlight packages are tailored to their preferences and pushed across all digital platforms.

Watson AI and IBM Digital Experience

The same technology that scans the “dark data” of raw video footage from the Masters or personalizes the My Moments feature of the Masters app can go to work for you in your organization.

IBM Digital Experience Manager and Watson Content Hub are infused with AI powered by Watson, and have a rich set of AI services to help you create your own amazing experiences, or “moments”. The IBM platform  can manage all of your data, just as it manages data from the Masters. It learns your business, understands your content and recommends, and helps you create your own remarkable experiences across all channels.

And just as the Masters app lets you choose your own journey through the tournament, DX with AI also lets you easily personalize experiences for your customers.

Learn what IBM DX and Watson artificial intelligence can do for your business.

WW Marketing Portfolio Manager, IBM Digital Experience

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