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Get the most from your Magento Commerce platform with the power of Watson AI

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There is no brand loyalty in retail anymore. Omnichannel commerce is the new normal and considered as the only customer touchpoint. Today, delivering an in-context and consistent customer experience across this touchpoint is what retailers are striving to achieve. No matter which commerce platform is used to drive eCommerce sales, today retail professionals are overwhelmed with a high volume and variety of data. And it needs to be continuously analyzed to make critical real-time merchandising decisions that will increase customer engagement.

The same challenge applies to Magento Commerce users. However, now Magento Commerce platform users can get the best value from their commerce data and augment their merchandising decision making capabilities with the power of IBM Watson Commerce Insights and its embedded AI.

Traditional analytics tools vs. AI-embedded decision making tools

Traditional analytical tools have many limitations, including data not interacting with users, a lack of in-context recommendations, no personalized eCommerce view where actions can be taken, reports and dashboards that are not contextually geared, dependence on the IT department to get the best value from the data, and difficulty providing live business data like product hierarchy, category/product information, and inventory.

However, AI-embedded decision making tools can:

  • Deliver insights in context, while providing views, reasons and what actions you can take,
  • Provide a platform that learns over time from your data and interacts at the user level,
  • Give you a view of not just what is happening, but why,
  • Augment and trigger specific actions – product sequencing, competitive pricing strategy and more – providing you with real-time insights from your data that you can act on to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

IBM Watson Commerce Insights Connector by Zilker Technology

So how can Watson Commerce Insights complement Magento Commerce? Zilker Technology has built a Magento connector for IBM Watson Commerce Insights. The connector is now available in the Magento Marketplace, and can be downloaded by any Magento Commerce user. It gives Magento business users contextually relevant insights – insights that can be used to take actions in real-time to increase customer engagement.

The Magento Commerce Enterprise Edition platform:

  • Comes with a single data source,
  • Provides a basic dashboard integrated in an admin panel,
  • Requires data to be exported to a BI tool to customize/rollup,
  • Lacks the capability where the tool considers the data and automates eCommerce site updates,
  • Doesn’t provide insights to recommended actions,
  • Requires separate tools and manual updates for analysis,
  • Lacks integration with web analytics like Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture or IBM Digital Analytics.

But with the integration of the IBM Watson Commerce Insights Connector, Magento Enterprise Edition commerce users will gain several new benefits:

  • Magento Plugin for IBM Watson Commerce Insights
  • Accurate and real-time marketing and site performance metrics
  • Consolidated view of metrics in context of the site
  • Cognitive alerts on anomalies and recommendations to fix them
  • Dedicated inventory perspective to quickly detect stocking issues

Get the IBM Watson Commerce Insights Connector

Business benefits to Magento Commerce users:

The Zilker Magento connector for IBM Watson Commerce Insights delivers significant business benefits to Magento EE business users. These include:

  • Sales, marketing, promotional and customer reports that are customizable and cross channel
  • Insights and recommendations to increase conversion rates, boost sales, and drive a compelling user experience
  • Superior line of business tooling that enables viewing data in context and updates lowering barriers to change
  • A single, personalized view of data and insights for your business focus
  • Insight and recommendations provided in context of the customer experience – as the customer is interacting with the business
  • Natural language data explorations and cognitive assists to help find hidden opportunities from Magento Commerce and digital analytics data
  • Direct merchandising actions taken based on insights gleaned without switching context or tools

Watch an overview of IBM Watson Commerce Insights:

To learn more about the benefits of complementing your Magento Commerce platform with IBM Watson Commerce Insights, by using the Zilker Magento Connector, please take sign-up for a replay of this webinar: “Get more insights and business value from your Magento platform.”

Worldwide Product Marketing Lead, Watson Commerce Insights

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