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The Seismic Shift of AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is unleashing a new approach for customer experience strategy, design and development. We haven’t seen change on this scale since the ‘90s, when the internet transformed how we do business.

But the timeline for evolution is far shorter than it was twenty years ago. Fifty percent of companies surveyed are already taking action to deploy AI, using it to quickly access insights and automate campaigns and processes. They’re also embedding it directly into new customer touch points.



One area ripe for the application for artificial intelligence that can deliver near term ROI is across the increasing array of digital experience touch points.  Visitors to your digital experiences crave and expect contextual, personalized engagement in your websites, apps, IoT devices and any other touch points you use to interact with them.

AI today can help you tailor the message to the user, while saving time and costs and improving marketing user productivity. IBM’s AI-enabled digital experience solutions can provide assistance for tasks, like dynamically tagging and organizing your digital content and assets; and helping find relevant content from other sources, and performing tone analysis on written content, both of which can help strengthen and enhance your digital marketing messages.

There is much, much more you can do to leverage AI, of course, and IBM can help you sort through all the possibilities.  The AI revolution is underway, and we want to show you how easily you can bring your organization on board.

Learn more about what other business leaders are saying about AI-enhanced customer experience.

Learn more about the IBM Digital Experience portfolio.

And join the conversation at our Facebook LIVE event during Think 2018, What Makes a Digital Experience Platform Great?, on March 20, 2018 at 2:45 EDT | 11:45 PDT.


And, if you will be at Think, attend one of my two sessions:

Digital Channel Owners: Do More with AI-Assisted Digital Experience Platform

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Applying AI to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

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