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Introducing the New IBM Dynamic Pricing Dashboard

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When I drive my new, sporty car (with the red leather seats), I can quickly find out my speed, the temperature outside, and much, much more with just a glance at the dashboard. What I really love are the indicators and warning alerts — telling me when I need an oil change, that the tire pressure is low, how many miles until I’ll run out of gas, and, my favorite, that the trunk is open. This dashboard technology just makes my life easier.

Now IBM Dynamic Pricing is rolling out a dashboard to make your life easier. Here it is:

IBM Dynamic Pricing dashboard

Dashboard widgets

The new Dynamic Pricing dashboard provides the following widgets:

  • Financials widget provides the ability to see how the selected Products in the Division and Locations are trending based on recent T-Log data. Financials are calculated as the difference between the past X days against the prior X days (where X is the time frame selected in the dashboard configuration).
  • Active strategy activity widget provides the ability to see the number of Pending and Approved Price Changes within the given time frame and products.
  • Broken rules widget provides the ability to view the most common rules that are being broken – falling outside of the desired parameters defined for the pricing strategy – for the Active Price Strategies. There may be higher prioritized rules that drive the recommended prices which lead to over-riding the lower prioritized rules being broken.
  • Competitive view widget provides the ability to compare the Price Distribution for products by competitors.

Dashboard settings

You have tremendous flexibility when configuring the Dashboard settings to the Products, Division, Locations, and Time frame. This enables you to quickly evaluate key metrics on a timely basis, adjusting to address the business questions under consideration.

IBM Dynamic Pricing dashboard settings

Go to Menu > Dashboard to get started with your dashboard!

Did you know you can download your Trends data?

From any of your pricing strategies, go to Trends, and click Download!

IBM Dynamic Pricing trends data

Learn more about IBM Dynamic Pricing.

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