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AI, Blockchain and IoT – See the Future of Supply Chain Unfold at THINK 2018

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Nearly every supply chain leader sees the future coming up fast. And that future is made possible by AI and machine learning, Blockchain and IoT as innovations that will change their business forever. But the future is starting to feel a whole lot closer now, isn’t it? It’s starting to feel real. Your intuition is correct. Just ask your peers at Lenovo, Ticketmaster and Follett, who are already using AI to reinvent customer experiences, unleash innovation and drive business growth.

While attending our Watson Supply Chain Summit in Munich last November, I was excited to see that our Watson Supply Chain demo stations were mobbed. Attendees were hungry for information and were already contemplating the ways AI would make an impact for them. If you missed Munich, you have another great opportunity to learn about AI, Blockchain and IoT all in one place.

Introducing Our New, Premier Conference

We’re debuting a new event in Las Vegas in March. It’s called Think, and it will bring together everything our clients loved about IBM conferences like Amplify and Interconnect – along with the brightest industry and IT experts. Think will be IBM’s most innovative and immersive technology showcase yet – and our only dedicated event in 2018.

Watson Supply Chain will be front-and-center at Think in the Business and AI Campus, where you’ll see our B2B Collaboration, Supply Chain Optimization and Order Management and Fulfillment solutions in action. You’ll learn how Blockchain and IoT can deliver value to your business, and hear how IBM saved millions unleashing the power of Watson in our own supply chain.

Watson Supply Chain Events Each Day

Plan to attend the full four days and take advantage of all the opportunities I recommend for supply chain leaders and practitioners:

  • Hear firsthand from IBM clients and leaders at Ticketmaster, Follett and Lenovo about how they are tackling industry changes and challenges using AI, Blockchain and more in our keynote, “From Digital Disruption to Dominance: Reimagining Every Customer Experience,” hosted by Inhi Suh, General Manager, Watson Customer Engagement.
  • Find out how you can wow customers while delivering exponentially better business outcomes in our Business and AI Campus theater session, “How AI Empowers You to Engage Customers at Every Step of the Journey,” with Richard Hearn, General Manager, Worldwide Sales and Offerings, IBM Watson Customer Engagement.
  • Have a sneak peek at our IBM product roadmaps during five Supply Chain deep dive sessions.
  • Get hands-on with our solutions in our Think Academy Labs and Think Tanks.
  • Join me to learn how you can use AI to build a more intelligent supply chain in my session, “Supply Chain Leaders – Reinventing the Way Business Delivers
  • Gain valuable new perspectives and practical advice from our top executives in these sessions:
  • Meet 1:1 with IBM Watson Supply Chain executives and experts. Ask your IBM representative before the show to arrange an executive meeting, or stop by our Business and AI campus to meet with an expert.
  • Network with your peers. This is a great opportunity to share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned, with other supply chain professionals who are facing similar business challenges.

Please Join Us

There are many more supply chain related sessions, so just Ask Watson, “show me supply chain sessions.”

It’s a critical time for supply chain leaders to act on their intuition and start putting IoT, Blockchain and AI to work.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Vice President Strategy and Offering Management, Supply Chain Solutions, IBM Watson Customer Engagement

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