How to Save Your App from the Kill

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Your mobile app is one of the most important channels you have into your customer’s world. The average U.S. consumer spends five hours per day on mobile devices,[1] and wants the convenience of interacting with your brand via phone or tablet.

Brands of all types roll out new apps daily. For example:

  • Banks create apps that allow customers to manage their money.
  • Healthcare organizations offer apps that connect patients with doctors and provide access to critical medical information.
  • Retailers encourage consumers to look at products, make a purchase or check the status of an order – all through the app.

However, to be of any value to your customer, your app must be easy to use and flow smoothly from the moment it’s installed. It’s not your customer’s job to figure out your app. If there are problems with the UI or back-end issues, your customer will quickly kill the app you spent months developing. In fact, after just one try, 60% of customers have deleted an app (or abandoned a website) that doesn’t work well.[2] Sound harsh? Well, it gets worse – 80% will delete an app if they continue experiencing issues.

So, it’s time to seriously ask yourself: Do you have insights into your customer’s intents, behaviors and mobile needs to protect your app from the kill?

Is a weak user experience preventing your app from delivering value?

Meeting your customers where they are – and delivering your brand’s value and convenience – means making your products, services and information accessible on mobile devices. Here, as elsewhere, you only have one chance to make a great impression. Do you know for sure what your customers actually experience on your app, as opposed to what you hope they experience? Your organization probably invested lots of time, energy and money creating that app. Does its usability truly reflect the experience you’re trying to offer your customers?

Many brands don’t have access to integrated information about what their app’s actual user experience looks like. As a result, problems may be occurring that you’re not even aware of. Or you may know that something’s not working with your app, but are unsure of how to solve it. That’s got to change: your app is too important to reaching customers to fly blind.

Mobile analytics tools: a window into your actual user experience

With advanced mobile analytics tools that capture entire user sessions happening on your digital channels, you can say goodbye to guesswork and assumptions. For a true picture of your customer’s mobile app experience, you need more than just screen grabs. You need to connect all the data – think app launches, screen views, server calls, loading time, promo codes, cart value, last login dates – even device meta data and more. With integrated analytics tools that bring all this data together, the moments between the download and the dreaded delete are no longer a mystery. You’ll have a clear view into some of the most common problems that cause customer frustration, app abandonment and even breakdowns in the customer-brand relationship.

Understand exactly how customers use your app and see what they experience, so you can fix issues and optimize accordingly.

  • What gestures are users making in your app, from taps to zooms to device rotations?
  • Are there visual elements or page loads that are causing frustration and abandonment?
  • Which areas of your app immediately stand out and where do users gravitate? How does this impact your navigation, conversion and customer journey?
  • Do the forms within your app work smoothly? Are they slowing customers down – or causing them to drop entirely?
  • What areas need immediate attention and how can you streamline the overall flow of your app experience?

Brands can’t afford to get the mobile experience wrong. Without visibility into these individual elements of mobile usability, it’s impossible to deliver the best. But, with the right tools, you can identify what’s really happening in your app – and eliminate obstacles that get in the way of conversions. In short, you can finally create the frictionless mobile experiences your customers want.

So, if you’re ready to save your app from the kill (and salvage customer relationships in the process), start your free 30-day mobile analytics trial.



Program Director, Product Marketing, Watson Customer Engagement

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