AI for Marketing Professionals – A Force for Experience Transformation

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“The Last Jedi” has millions of fans worldwide feeling the Force again this week. But for CMOs and their teams, there’s another Force that’s radically changed life as we know it: Data.

Like the Force of Star Wars fame, data has light and dark elements. It is a raw, powerful resource that binds together every business transaction, process and system. And it can drive incredible customer experience transformation, if you have the right tools to tap into it.

Advanced analytics is a fierce addition to our marketing arsenal, but it can’t help us conquer the Dark Side of data to truly know our customers as individuals and respond to their unique wants, needs and struggles in real time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing all that, turning marketers into Jedi Masters of customer engagement.

Sales and marketing leaders clearly see the opportunity – more than 60% say cognitive computing will be a disruptive force in their industries.* IBM clients are already capitalizing on our years of AI leadership and investment, using Watson to reinvent how marketers work and how customers experience their brand.

Aimia Curates Personalized and Contextual Experiences

For example, Aimia UK, a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, is using Watson Marketing to help its clients better understand their own customers by providing an automated, event-driven and context-aware process. Now, Aimia’s clients get near real-time insight into customer preferences so they can reach out with highly-tailored messages and strike up relevant conversations that nurture new levels of loyalty.

“We use a range of data attributes to help personalize messages on our clients’ behalf, and have only scratched the surface of what cognitive brings,” says John Menhinick, Global Director of Campaign Management at Aimia.

HSN Connects the Best Storytellers with the Right Audience

Home Shopping Network (HSN) has gone even further, creating an integrated, AI-powered marketing platform across every channel – including Web, mobile, email and direct mail. The new approach enables HSN to develop a more complete and accurate view of each customer’s preferences, based on all their interactions with the company.

Ramin Eivaz, Senior Vice President of Strategy Insights and Analytics at HSN told us, “We now have a picture of the whole customer: including their behavior and attitudes, product preferences, content preferences and favorite channels. The result is that we can give each of them what they want, how they want it, when they want it.”

What’s even better, Eivaz shared, “We can use machine learning to ensure that our models become better and better over time, as the platform gathers data about which methods are the most successful in engaging our audiences.”

ZoomerMedia Delivers One-to-One Experiences Based on Personal Preferences

Finally, ZoomerMedia is using Watson Marketing to attract a print-loving, aged 45+ demographic to digital channels. Despite the popularity of its “Zoomer” print magazine, the company knew that its ability to continuously deliver better, more customized content, depended on getting its customers online, where data could be collected about what they really liked.

Watson Campaign Automation enabled ZoomerMedia to bring together data from multiple internal systems to create a single, 360-degree view of every customer. It also automated time-consuming but essential marketing tasks like audience segmentation and list building, freeing up the team to focus on higher-value efforts, like creating delightful new customer experiences.

To date, ZoomerMedia’s digital marketing touches are up 20 percent, increasing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

“We see great potential in cognitive technologies to enhance the experience of engaging with us on a variety of channels, especially our contact center,” said Michael Smith, Team Lead for Business Transformation at ZoomerMedia. “For example, by combining sentiment analysis with data on a customer’s past interactions with us, we can show our agents products and services that may be particularly relevant to the customer in that moment — inspiring more callers to purchase.”

Watson: Your Force for Marketing Transformation

That’s the real power of Watson, a proven AI system. It’s a trusted advisor that makes marketers exponentially more efficient, effective and productive. It learns from each new data point to provide more meaningful advice and recommendations over time. With Watson, you have an experienced “colleague,” who’s available around-the-clock to help each and every person on the team.

With that kind of opportunity at your fingertips, why would you wait for your competitors to use the power of AI to disrupt you and your marketplace? Let Watson make you a Force for marketing transformation to win with customers and lead in your industry now.

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* “From data deluge to intelligent insights: Adopting cognitive computing to unlock value for marketing and sales,” IBM Institute for Business Value. August 2017.

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