Watson Customer Engagement – Embrace the Power of the Force

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As a huge Star Wars fan, I have always wanted to have a set of supernatural powers, such as the ability to sense impending attacks; influence the thoughts of others, known as the “Jedi mind trick;” and even see the future. In essence, the Force – meaning the wisdom, expertise and ability to know exactly what will happen next and what I should do in the moment.

Of course, there is only one problem with all this—our current reality.

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.” E.O. Wilson

As E.O. Wilson predicted, the world will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time and think critically about it to make important choices wisely. And, that is exactly what IBM Watson is doing today. Watson synthesizes vast amounts of data and provides professionals with wisdom. And, with that wisdom comes expertise – expertise that gets better and better over time.

Our goal is to bring that expertise to you, the marketer, the commerce and the supply chain professional – to help you make better decisions, do more with your data, recommend with confidence, enrich interactions and detect liabilities and mitigate risks…to be one with the Force.

Clorox Creates Dazzling Customer Experiences with Analytics

“We can identify consumers by previous actions and then serve them up the right content and the right kind of engagement pieces that we need for them to progress on a path.” Tom Johnson, CRM Lead, The Clorox Company

Just look at what Clorox is doing now. As they looked for a way to better understand how customers and prospects were interacting with their online and mobile channels, and use that insight to remove sticking points on the digital journey, they found Watson Customer Experience Analytics. Now, with a powerful customer experience analytics platform, Clorox can better understand how consumers interact with its online and mobile channels and use the insight to shape smoother digital journeys.

Credito Valtellinese Finds Hidden Hotspots of Opportunity with AI

“The insights we’ve gained through cognitive technology have been central to our efforts to become a more customer-centric bank.” Matteo Pizzicoli, Head of Organization and Enterprise Architecture, Credito Valtellinese

And, a bank in Italy, Credito Valtellinese, is using AI and Watson to find hidden hotspots of opportunities with their customers. They created a cognitive filter to find and extract chunks of customer information and index them into detailed customer profiles. They used Watson technology to identify, capture and index unstructured, free-text data stored within the company’s mainframe-based transaction record systems, including information on financial or banking products owned by the customer — such as credit cards, loans, mortgages and insurance — that were not issued by the bank, along with online shopping habits and personal financial arrangements. Using natural language processing (NLP), the solution filters this unstructured text data and creates a detailed profile for each customer, storing it in a repository designed with a customer-centric data structure.

Now Credito Valtellinese uses these customer profiles to implement multichannel outbound marketing campaigns and has increased conversion rates by an average of 10 percent, representing an estimated two percent of net-new revenue growth.

Cinram Gains Superior Visibility and Delivers on Time

Cinram helps some of Europe’s biggest media and retail companies keep their shelves stocked with compelling titles as they exchange some 250,000 documents a month with roughly 100 trading partners. These volumes can massively spike at peak periods, such as Christmas, when people tend to buy more DVDs and CDs as gifts. When a top album is about to hit the shelves, Cinram has to get that product into stores on time — otherwise their clients risk missing out on sales, and the company risks damaging its reputation.

Marc Howard, Team Lead at Cinram, noted: “I’m a big fan of the in-flight dashboard … it gives a great overview of all of the transactions and communications we manage and allows me to get a better sense of how the business is performing. With the IBM solution … the visibility enables us to spot issues faster and respond proactively, keeping the business running smoothly and maintaining high levels of service for internal users and end clients.”

Join Me. Together We Can Rule Customer Engagement

Having the ability to know how to enrich individual interactions and offer exactly what is right for each customer, in the moment, combined with the insight to spot issues and respond proactivity is what a Jedi with the Force would be able to do. It is what is now possible for marketing, commerce and supply chain professionals with Watson Customer Engagement. And that deep expertise is easily accessible across their organizations.

Are you ready to embrace the power for the force?  I know I am. And I’m also among the legions of fans eagerly awaiting December 15th, so I can find out how Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks more mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past.

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