5 Ways to Superpower Your Commerce Experience

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So you want to learn more about how our solutions can enhance your omnichannel initiatives?

Great! These are just a select few from the IBM solution set that provide our customers with the superpowers they need to create truly impactful customer experiences, whether online or in-store.

Let’s hone in on what challenges you are facing so you can make the most of your time.

Are you trying to:

Locate inventory across your supply chain? Read more about how IBM Global Inventory Visibility grants you Super Sense.

Sense where all your inventory resides across your global supply chain. With total awareness of inventory, capacity and planning, you can protect your customers from bad experiences. Improve the accuracy of inventory promising with real-time updates from Inventory Visibility and reduce carrying costs, mark downs and out-of-stock issues.

Identify what your customers want before they do? See how IBM Watson Commerce Insights can enhance your data with Clairvoyance.

Banish poor decisions to another planet as you use insights to predict trends and changes within your customer base. You can easily adjust your product, category and merchandising strategy to maximize success. Exceed customer expectations by anticipating their wants and needs and provide a superior customer experience.

See through marketplace forces to make intelligent price decisions in real-time? Learn more about how IBM Dynamic Pricing provides the power of X-ray Vision.

With x-ray vision, see through the morass of competitive and market intelligence and make intelligent pricing decisions in real-time. Now retailers can out-price their competition and accelerate their growth, increasing revenue up to 5% and gross margin up to 10% all while decreasing time spent on pricing activities.

Instantly deploy content where it’s needed most with intelligent, cognitive tagging? Read how IBM Watson Content Hub can empower you with Teleportation.

Teleport your content exactly where it’s needed, instantaneously. With intelligent, cognitive tagging, Watson Content Hub ensures accurate categorization of your assets, facilitating faster, easier and more efficient content selection.

Sense where the customer’s been and where they’re going? Learn how IBM Store Engagement helps store associates, through ESP, better serve customers.

Enhance your store associates through the power of extrasensory perception with IBM Store Engagement. Grant them greater insights into a customer’s brand interaction across channels and social platforms – providing a new level of personalized customer engagement and exponential growth in store sales.

If you’re ready for a complete commerce platform that gives you the power of super speed and agility, IBM Watson Commerce is here. Enable your team to act faster than a speeding bullet to give each customer a uniquely personalized experience. Empower your commerce organization with AI and machine learning that lets them react and respond with unheard of speed to adapt digital commerce experiences in real-time.

View the infographic to learn more about the Five ways to superpower your commerce experience.

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