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Digital Leaders Come Together on B2B Innovations and Trends

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B2B Digital Transformation

Call it the consumerization of B2B marketing, call it digital transformation – however you refer to it, it’s no secret that the B2B digital world is changing. For some time, B2Bs have lagged behind B2Cs in moving from traditional marketing to newer digital technology, citing the complexity of their product mix or the growing number of products in their portfolio as reasons for falling behind. But we’ve reached the inflection point. B2B customers, empowered by their digital expertise and hyper-focused customer-centricity in digital B2C, are demanding change. They want the businesses they engage with to provide them with a well-orchestrated journey.


B2B Connect

Senior B2B executives in digital marketing and eCommerce will gather in San Diego, California for B2B Connect on September 17-19, 2017 to share ideas, present solutions and discuss digital dilemmas as they navigate this major transformation. B2B Connect is an invite-only event, limited to 75 participants to facilitate conversation. Workshops and roundtables from recognized experts form the basis of the event.

IBM is a key sponsor of B2B Connect. In addition, Illumina, a Watson Customer Engagement client and a leader in genomics and life sciences, will deliver a keynote discussing their own digital transformation, the eCommerce requirements they identified as critical for success, and how they became the first in their industry to make the change. Riccardo Caruso, Associate Director of eCommerce at Illumina, will deliver the presentation.

Watson Customer Engagement is a major player in digital transformation. We help marketing, commerce and supply chain professionals unify their business around the customer. With Watson’s unique artificial intelligence capabilities delivering insights from many data sources, companies have a 360-degree view of their business in order to respond to opportunities and competitive pressures as they deliver personalized and proactive customer experiences at scale.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more essential to digital, omnichannel technology. Forward-thinking business leaders are looking to incorporate AI into their technology solutions to prescribe approaches to better reach customers. AI-powered solutions deliver recommendations of products to offer or assist in selecting content, as well as when to proactively make changes that could negatively impact your business. Watch this video for more information on our market-leading business solutions.

IBM is a leader in the B2B Commerce space because of our strengths in managing complex and scaled platforms, and we are incorporating AI capabilities into many of our digital solutions today. We are recognized, not only by business leaders, but also by the analyst community.

As B2Bs weather the transformation, shifting from offline only purchasing channels to digital and omnichannel purchasing, communication and sharing knowledge is essential to understand the latest innovations and trends. We look forward to B2B Connect as one essential element of that ongoing conversation.

Learn more at www.ibm.com/watson/customer-engagement.


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