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IBM Springs into Indian Footwear Market with Metro Shoes Partnership

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In 1947, British India gained independence. It was this same year Metro Shoes opened its doors to the public in Colaba, Mumbai. Founded in a time of growth and innovation, this leading footwear chain was pushed to meet expectations in a new age. Whether the goal be creating leading designs across national and international markets or respecting and empowering individuals, this footwear pathfinder quickly became a challenger and an innovator in the retail market.

With visions to become the biggest and best shoe company in India, Metro Shoes currently operates in 350 physical showrooms and expects to grow that number to almost 450 in the coming year. Their mission statement highlights their commitment to an identity as a prestigious footwear company through a focus on business development and differentiation through innovation.

As the Metro Shoes brand continued to expand and the digital age brought new customer preferences, the footwear company was challenged with managing orders across all channels. Simply put, they had one foot stuck in the mud when it came to omni-channel management. With unreliable software, real-time visibility of sales, inventory location and return data is nearly impossible, making efficient and convenient fulfillment harder and harder to achieve. And while customers demand personalized and convenient experiences, having software that can keep up has never been more important. The brand realized that in order to reach their goals of becoming a premier footwear producer, they needed to find the perfect fit for a digital engagement platform.

Alisha Malik – Vice President, Digital, Metro Shoes explains, “Technology is redefining customer engagement and will be the key differentiator for retail brands of the future. We’re excited to partner with IBM and CEBS to embark on our digital transformation journey. With IBM’s expertise in the omni-channel commerce and retail space, we are confident that these changes will not only accelerate the execution of our strategy, but also give us an edge over competition. At Metro Shoes, we strongly believe that the new solution will enhance the overall user experience, thereby increasing revisits, traffic and loyalty.”

IBM has stepped in to help this brand keep up in the digital race. Using both IBM Watson Order Management and Commerce, Metro Shoes will improve its digital footprint and provide its customers the seamless digital engagement that they expect while bringing efficiency to their supply chain and order management abilities.

Working with IBM Business Partner CEBS Worldwide, IBM solutions will allow Metro Shoes to gain insights to drive personalization for each customer, delivered on one single platform. With this new experience, Metro Shoes will have the ability to feature all of its brands and recommend specific items to customers based on personalized insights. It will provide conveniences such as buy online, pick up in store, reserve in store and easy returns. They will also have access to key business metrics such as catalogue management that will give them leverage needed to further refine their operations.

Using IBM’s technology and CEBS marketplace integration expertise, Metro Shoes will now be able to integrate with more than 14 e-marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, among others, pushing them towards this goal of international expansion and recognition as a quality brand. Their partnership with IBM works to grow the roots of innovation that they were founded on. With deeper access to customer and business metrics and more convenience and efficiency in order management, Metro Shoes sprints down the track towards effective personalization and dominant digital experience.

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