The Future Is Now: Building a Cognitive Supply Chain at ProcureCon IT

The capabilities in emerging cognitive solutions are fundamentally changing the procurement space. There is increasing pressure for procurement leaders to not just improve procurement performance, but also drive overall enterprise success. In other words, while cost savings is highly important, the real value is in procurement-led innovation. Top-performing CPOs are looking for technology to assist in both revenue growth and innovation – and provide a competitive advantage.

As IBM CPO, Bob Murphy says about the technology journey, “You’re finished if you think you’ve finished!Research shows that only 32% of procurement organizations have a formal digital strategy in place, and only 25% have the resources and competencies needed in place today. Procurement organizations must continue to extend and enhance their capabilities to maintain their momentum and accelerate to the next level of performance.

Join Watson Supply Chain at ProcureCon for IT Sourcing

Join Watson Supply Chain at ProcureCon for IT Sourcing in Austin, TX from June 5 to 7 to get the inside scoop on procurement-led innovation. The event will feature 50 speakers and 36 interactive sessions. One you won’t want to miss is The Future Is Now: The Cognitive Supply Chain, where Michael O’Leary, Director of Procurement Solutions for Watson Supply Chain, will discuss what the future really looks like through the lens of the most innovative supply chain technology to ever hit the scene: cognitive technology.

Here are the session details:

In the session, you’ll learn how cognitive computing and AI can:

  • Perform complex analytics to empower your collaboration and decision-making
  • Enable greater visibility and intelligence into supply chain data
  • Offer actionable insights and recommendations to resolve disruptions

Stick around after the presentation and get answers to all your questions about cognitive procurement. Also, visit us at booth #109 to learn more about how Watson technology is helping supply chain professionals like you illuminate risks and opportunities to make better decisions through a proactive, predictive, and innovative supply chain. BONUS: Enter for a chance to win your own VR headset!*

Can’t make it to ProcureCon IT? Follow @IBMSupplyChain for the latest news and trends – LIVE from the event! Remember to use #WatsonSupplyChain along with the official event hashtag #ProcureCon to join the conversation.


*Rules and conditions apply. Official rules and conditions will be available for review at the booth. Must be present to enter raffle.

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