Mothers (Like Everyone) Matter Every Day

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Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the beauty of motherhood. Conceived as a chance to spend quiet time with mom, it has become a commercial bonanza for greeting cards, flowers and chocolate.

One would hope that when Mother’s Day ends, we realize we should honor our mothers every day. Similarly, a company should honor its customers and employees each and every day. Yet, in a recent GlobalForce study; a staggering 40 percent of employees surveyed say they weren’t recognized even one time over the past year.

Does this surprise you?

Whatever our vocation, every single one of us has a chance to tell our people:

  • “Your cheeriness sets a tone for the whole office.”
  • “Thank you for the way you handled that matter.”
  • “I appreciate the effort you’ve been putting in the past few weeks.”
  • “I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve been going through.”

I know what you may be thinking: “People are paid to do their job. If they do it well, they get a raise, and if they don’t, they get cut loose. I’m not here to play therapist and make them feel good about doing the job they’re paid to do.”

How’s that working out for you?

Unlike Mother’s Day, mattering is not an event or a day on the calendar. It is a choice we must intentionally make, each day, to create a flow of recognition, respect and honor for those that serve you and your customers.

To put it in stark business terms, how much would it cost you to notice someone and share your appreciation? How much time would it take out of your day?

I will tell you what I know for sure. After 25 years of noticing diligently: it changes people. It can change an entire culture.

Start with your family and other loves ones. Extend it to your workplace. Next, try it with every single person you interact with – or could interact with, if you just took the time.

I highly encourage you to check out MATTERGRAMS. This a free, easy-to-use tool that demonstrates the powerful effect that a few carefully chosen words can have on others.

From your friends at Watson Commerce: we hope you and the moms in your life have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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