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#WatsonCommerce Tweetchat: What Makes a Customer Experience a Memory

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Being a seasoned shopper like myself, I’ve seen the good, the bad… and unfortunately for a few brands – the UGLY. While I don’t consider myself to be that “pesty” shopper who expects to be treated as if I’m the only person in the store, I do appreciate a little extra attention, especially when I am ready to make a purchase.

I can recall one time when I was in the market for shoes to bring on an upcoming vacation. With little time to spare (2 days), I marched into my favorite department store. I immediately found the perfect pair. But of course, the store didn’t have my size in stock. I should have browsed online first. I should have known what was available at this specific location before I wasted everyone’s time. I failed as a shopper, right?

My mood was instantly lifted when the stylist suggested that she could call nearby stores to see if they had the shoe in stock. If they did, they could overnight the shoes to my house to arrive in time for my 7AM flight to the sunny Bahamas. This scenario could have been a disaster – one that many of us have experienced. Yet, this stylist saved the day and made the sale happen with just a few extra steps.

It’s experiences like this one that keep me loyal to several brands. I’m always proud to share my stories with others in hopes that they, too, will create their own memories with these same brands.

I invite you to join me as I lead an upcoming tweetchat from the @IBMCommerce handle along with IBM Futurists Melissa Gonzalez and Nicole Reyhle. On April 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm EDT, we will be chatting about customer experiences across commerce, mobile and beyond (think: cognitive.)  I’m looking forward to hearing about ways that brands are leading the charge with ultimate experiences for their consumers – in unique ways.

Tweetchat questions:

Q1. What brands come to mind when thinking about a recent positive shopping experience?

Q2. What are these brands doing differently that make them stand out?

Q3. How does the increasing use of mobile change the way consumers are purchasing today?

Q4. Which brands are using mobile as a driving force of customer engagement?

Q5. How do chatbots impact the experience customers have with brands?

Q6. Consumers don’t care about “channels.” What brands are succeeding with a seamless omni-channel experience?

Q7. What innovative ways have you seen brands leverage social to enhance customer engagement?

Q8. What does the future look like for brands that adopt a cognitive-driven commerce business?

I’d also encourage you to read a recent IBM Consumer Study, Consumer Expectations Soar: What does it mean for retailers? 

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