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Slideshare: Compelling Experiences with Intelligent Content

Happy with your CMS? Think about your last big campaign. Everything’s rosy at the beginning, right? The mood is optimistic — we are going to create the greatest content in the history of content creation, information will flow smoothly, the global team will have access to all the assets they need, and we’ll deliver the project ahead of schedule and well within budget (while we remain well-rested.)

But sometimes the optimism fades by lunchtime of day one… Team members can’t find the right content, IT advises that they need a one-week lead time to set up the web pages, and don’t even get me started on what’s needed for the mobile app. Those fantastic content ideas you had get weighed down by real-life business obstacles.

Your content management system should do what it says – manage. It should facilitate the creation process, and let your ideas soar. But some CMS software acts more like a roadblock.

Learn more about an intelligent content management system that manages the details, makes  your content creation easier and lets your creative team stay creative. (Hint: it’s got Watson!)



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Watson Content Hub provides the content management capabilities you need to deliver compelling brand experiences across all the channels you use to reach your audiences. For the marketer, Watson Content Hub helps to assemble the best content to support the key offers you want to send out over email, mobile apps, websites or more. For the front end developer, Watson Content Hub has an intuitive interface and a rich array of APIs for building amazing user experiences that your marketing and eCommerce teams can update directly.


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