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Sequencing Products in Watson Commerce Insights: A How-To Primer

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Change the sequence of your products in your eCommerce store rapidly according to trends, seasons, colors, inventory, sales, low performers, or high performers. Adjust the visual appeal at any time with minimal effort. Make your life easier by using the Intelligent sequencing and Manual sequencing options available in Watson Commerce Insights.

As an online merchandiser, you can sequence the order of your products in your eCommerce store user interface, without even consulting your IT team. Quickly change the placement of the product and get the results you desire. Being able to change the sequence of how a product appears in your eCommerce store gives merchandisers the ability to change the look of their products on the fly. Do you have some new arrivals that you want to showcase? A product with a sudden low inventory count? Do you have a slow moving product due to its appearance at the end of the category? Have a product with high abandonment rate? These are just some scenarios in which you might want to change the sequence of your products.

To demonstrate how powerful sequencing within Watson Commerce Insights is, imagine that you are in the middle of a robust campaign and your top selling item is selling out quicker than you expected. You realize that the new shipment of inventory doesn’t arrive for a week, and you have to act faster than a freight train at full speed so you don’t disappoint any of your customers. The idea comes to you… to showcase a similar product, with lots of inventory, to get it selling and take the heat off your top dog. The top product with dwindling inventory is number one on your store’s web page, and the other product is showing on the second page, at the bottom. You need to act quickly so you don’t lose business because of low inventory.

With Manual sequencing in Watson Commerce Insights, you can change a product sequence on the fly. This option is good if you want to do a temporary change, such as moving a low inventory product to the bottom of the category.


With the Intelligent sequencing function, you can create a condition to update your pages automatically by using metrics. Set up your products to prioritize your goals automatically by specifying one or more conditions to set the sequence of your products. You also have the ability to explicitly specify individual products at the top display positions. For example, the products in the women’s dress category are displayed in the order of most units that are sold from last week, and the top five specified dresses are reserved for your featured dresses of the season.


Keep the visual appeal of your products consistent with your product changes. Change the featured image of any product while you update the product sequencing. If you choose to sequence your products manually or intelligently, you always have the option to change the featured image for the product while arranging your products. This feature allows you to change the look and feel of your product, and keep up with product changes – all easily done within Watson Commerce Insights. It’s that easy to update your store at the drop of a hat!


In my next blog in this series, we will explore other features in Watson Commerce Insights that will help you move faster and more efficient in your world.

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