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Quicken Customer Responsiveness – Bring Cognitive Into Your Supply Chain

You’re just back from lunch, and there’s an email from Ted marked “URGENT.” It reads, “Hi Bill, When are we expecting those parts from SupplyCo that we ordered last week? Got an urgent customer order, but I can’t commit a delivery date until I know when we’ll get those parts.”

Ted’s a great bloke. But when he’s busy, he doesn’t always do a stellar job of providing the detail you need to answer his questions – like an order number or a date. You could email him back and ask. But you know what he really needs is a quick answer, not more questions. You’re sure you have the information Ted needs, but how long is it going to take you to find it?

With IBM’s new Supply Chain Business Network, you can find the information fast. Simply type in your question in natural language – like “Show me all last week’s orders with SupplyCo.” Then use the document correlation capability to see the ship notices for the order. If there are multiple ship notices for the order, or the order was amended, don’t worry because it’s all there, with each transaction presented in the context of its business process. See the big picture, and drill down into the detail where you need to. Find the information Ted needs, so he can make the customer happy.

Using cognitive capabilities to optimize your supply chain

IBM Supply Chain Business Network is a secure, cloud-based platform that simplifies connectivity and collaboration across an organization’s supply chain. With an all-new user experience (UX) and enhanced visibility and notification tools, IBM Supply Chain Business Network leverages the latest in cognitive capabilities to deliver the information and insights organizations need to help optimize their supply chain:

  • Delivering information: Supply chains are complex, and they keep changing. Supply Chain Business Network helps you connect with your supply chain partners, wherever they may be, and whatever technical capabilities or constraints they may have.
  • Delivering insight: From intelligent monitoring and alerting to document correlation and process flow visibility, Supply Chain Business Network gives you the insight to understand and optimize your supply chain.

IBM Supply Chain Business Network is the core of IBM Watson Supply Chain. Announced at World of Watson in late 2016, Watson Supply Chain helps you predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks that threaten your competitive advantage. The cognitive learning power of Watson Supply Chain solutions helps your organization improve day-to-day decisions and actions. With Watson Supply Chain solutions, you can:

  • Facilitate connectivity and collaboration with partners and suppliers
  • Proactively monitor and govern operations
  • Act quickly to mitigate disruptions and drive improved serviceability
  • Manage constant change to take swift, confident action

Connecting with Watson

Coming to IBM InterConnect 2017? (It’s not too late to register!) Here are a few quick pointers on where to learn more about Watson Supply Chain:

Can’t make it to the event? Visit the Watson Supply Chain microsite.

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