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Cutting-edge commerce highlighted at IBM Amplify 2017

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There are so many great commerce sessions at Amplify 2017 that I’m going to have to write a 10,000-word blog post. Just kidding.

But it is true that we’ve got all the hottest topics in commerce today covered in our Amplify program – AI, omni-channel, personalization and so much more.

First, mark your calendars for our tweetchats —

Watson Marketing Tweetchat
Title: The Future Marketer in the World of AI
Date/Time: March 20, 2017; 1:00 PM Pacific
Hashtags: #IBMAmplify #WatsonMarketing

Hosts: Jay Baer @jaybaer and @IBMforMarketing
Billee Howard @MashUpTweet
Brian Moran @brianmoran
Drew Neisser @DrewNeisser
Jason Falls @JasonFalls
Martin Jones @martinjonesaz
Nathaniel Schooler @NatSchooler
Timothy Moran @timothymoran

1. How is #AI revolutionizing the way brands connect with customers?
2. How are brands using cognitive technology behind the scenes to create a better customer experience?
3. Man and machine unite! How can artificial intelligence help spur creative thinking?
4. What are ways cognitive technology can help make the lives of marketers easier?
5. As a consumer, how can cognitive computing help deliver what you want before you even know you want it?
6. Where are there more opportunities to leverage cognitive technology to enhance your customers’ everyday lives?
7. Kids these days! How can marketers be prepared to reach the younger, more connected generations?
8. What are you most looking forward to learning at #IBMAmplify?

Watson Commerce Tweetchat
Title: Elevating the Customer Experience
Date/Time: March 21, 2017; 12:15 PM Pacific
Hashtags: #IBMAmplify #WatsonCommerce

Hosts: Jay Baer @jaybaer and @ibmcommerce
Andrew Busby @andrewbusby
Bob Phibbs @TheRetailDoctor
Bryan Eisenberg @TheGrok
John Lawson @ColderICE
Marsha Collier @MarshaCollier
Peter Lavers @PeterLavers
Stephen Monaco @StephenMonaco
Melissa Gonzalez @MelsStyles

1. How do you feel about chatbots? When do they make the most sense to implement?
2. How do you feel about customized Web experiences? Do customers love this or are they annoyed or paranoid?
3. How can retailers personalize the customer experience to make in-store more attractive?
4. What are some long-term possibilities with cognitive and the retail industry?
5. How can retailers leverage analytics to improve customer experience, increase sales, and grow profits?
6. How can retailers better predict the customer journey and product/marketing trends?
7. Consumers’ shopping habits are constantly evolving so, how can retailers collect and use data to reach them?
8. When should businesses NOT use personalization and big data to deliver customized experiences?
Then, if you’re considering an investment in new technology this year, let me call your attention to just a few sessions —

  • Want to hear how a market leader rolled out their global omni-channel experience? Adidas Group, parent company of such prestigious brands as adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade and CCM, will share their experience, complete with best practices and their decision-making along the way.
  • Interested in the “buy online, pick up in store” model? Tractor Supply started with a target of launching the program for 200 stores. Learn how, with the right technology and operational structure, they successfully implemented the program at four times more sites than they targeted.
  • Thinking about personalized pricing strategies? RSR Research will share insights from their latest pricing benchmark survey about forging a new balance between today’s regular, promotional and markdown pricing tactics while moving toward tomorrow’s personalized pricing strategies.
  • Need to stay profitable in a highly competitive market? Hear how Wakefern, the nation’s largest retailer-owned cooperative, leveraged IBM’s Omni-Channel Merchandising solutions for their independent members. Profitability in the managed categories is consistently 4% higher.
  • Want to hear the latest from the analysts on topics everyone is talking about? Just one example — Forrester lays out the landscape for branded mobile checkout solutions and talks about the large retailers moving in that direction.
  • Is your content management system a help or a hindrance? There’s a SaaS solution called Watson Content Hub, and it carries the Watson name because it harnesses the cognitive power of Watson to make content creation easier and lightning fast. Our Amplify sessions will show you how to use this new technology to deliver a more consistent brand experience across all channels.

Then there are our Innovation Talks. Here are just a couple:

  • Technology Innovation Gap in Retail

Retailers need to invest in technology, but with limited budgets, it must be the right technology. Cathy Hotka, Principal, Cathy Hotka & Associates, LLC, offers suggestions as to where retail companies should invest in 2017 that will have the biggest impact on their business and help them to understand and connect more effectively with customers.

  • A.I. Should Stand For Actual Intelligence: Why Human Analysis is Crucial in Conversation Research

Commerce is buzzing about AI, but it’s not just about the algorithms. Jason Falls, Chief Instigation Officer, Conversation Research Institute will make the case that smart AI needs to engage human analysis to reach the real goal of better understanding your customers.

If you can’t attend Amplify 2017, we’ll miss you, but bookmark this page, because we’ll be featuring as many of our customers’ stories as we can in this blog.

And if you are going to be at Amplify, stop by to see us, and tell us what hot topic in commerce you’re working on!

Learn more about Amplify 2017!

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