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Podcast: Choosing Content Management Software

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You have lots of choices when it comes to content management software.

Learn more about choosing content management software in this podcast by David Strachan, Offering Manager at IBM. David talks about selecting a CMS and what sets Watson Content Hub apart.

The whole point of a CMS system is to help you create, as quickly and as painlessly as possible, exceptional experiences for your customers. So you can drive more users to your site. And inspire more brand loyalty.

A CMS system should help you do all the things with your marketing or merchandising assets that it’s hard to do on your own. It should help you be:

  • organized
  • spontaneous and creative
  • agile as a team

There’s an intelligent content management system that can help you do all of these things, so you can create more compelling customer experiences. It’s called Watson Content Hub.

Want to try an advanced CMS on your next project?

Try Watson Content Hub FREE for 30 days!

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