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Turn Disruption into Innovation: Watson Commerce Tweetup

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Fashion week (#nyfw) is well underway in New York City—offering up a sneak peek into the latest apparel and designer trends that will soon hit our favorite stores across the U.S. But the fashion industry shouldn’t be the only industry looking at trends this year. All commerce professionals and business leaders should be paying attention to how they can turn disruption  into innovation and leverage the changes in the market to their advantage.

We recently published the 6 Key Commercial Trends for 2017. It speaks to different types of disruptive change and what businesses can do to drive loyalty and fuel growth. Unlike the fashion runway in NYC, business is no longer a one-way street. Retailers and merchandisers alike need to create relevant, intuitive, and highly personalized experiences for every customer.

How? First, I recommend looking through our trends report. Second, mark your calendar and come tweetup up with Watson Commerce and industry experts Tessa Horehled, @tessa, and Melissa Gonzalez, @MelsStyles, as we delve into ways to turn disruption into innovation and keep your brand top of mind throughout every season this year.

Watson Commerce Tweetup

When: February 15th at 1 pm EST

Where: Twitter! Follow #WatsonCommerce and #nyfw


  1. How are innovations in social media influencing the fashion industry?
  2. How will wearable technology influence the way retailers connect with their customers?
  3. How is the fashion industry leveraging chatbots to deliver unforgettable experiences and convenience shoppers desire?
  4. What are some of the coolest innovations you’ve seen in fashion in the last year?
  5. How is technology and fashion becoming more integrated?
  6. How is social media impacting the customer buying cycle?
  7. What can retailers do to stay ahead and ensure a seamless customer experience?
  8. How is the digital experience helping or hurting retailers during fashion week (and beyond)?
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