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You need a great digital experience

Customers can always tell when your digital experience processes aren’t firing on all cylinders. They may not be getting the buying suggestions they expect, the home page may start to look a little outdated or there may be a glitch in filling out a form.

Challenges exist in many companies that contributes to a weak online experience. According to a recent Forrester survey. only 47 percent of developers say they have a good working relationship with the rest of the company. And only 33% of companies currently manage content across channels with integrated processes.

Integrate your digital experience

To create a world-class digital experience, your technology and your business must be in sync. Companies where the entire team – tech side and business side – is collaborating and working together are more likely to communicate a strong message.

Technology that works for both tech and business users can help you increase your focus on the customer. This graphic from a Forrester study shows why it’s easier to focus on the customer when you have an integrated digital experience process.



IBM DX Forester TAP_infographic_Updated(1)(1)


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