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Podcast: Cognitive Solution Empowers Supply Chain Leaders

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In this podcast, Rob Allan, program director, offering management for IBM, talks about the new Supply Chain Insights Platform, which is part of IBM Watson Supply Chain.

It’s no secret that business expectations have changed and are continuing to evolve. By establishing greater visibility into supply chain data and processes and leveraging fast-emerging cognitive technologies, supply chain organizations can both predict and mitigate disruptions and risks and deliver additional value to the business.

Rob is enthusiastic about the new Resolution Rooms and the cognitive potential for supply chains. “We’re starting to hone in on just how much potential Watson has in the supply chain space,” says Rob. “The IBM Watson experts were shocked at what a great fit the supply chain is for Watson. They said Watson is like a kid in a candy store with supply chain because there’s just so much data, both structured and unstructured.”

IBM Watson Supply Chain embeds robust cognitive capabilities and extends digital connections with partners to empower organizations to circumvent risk, as well as drive collaboration and innovation, while reducing costs.

Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager, Watson Supply Chain

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