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Consumer Profiles: The Gift of Knowing More about Your Customer

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StatSocial Inc. understands your customer. And there’s a lot more to that understanding than just knowing what a customer purchases. StatSocial, a social data company, builds consumer profiles understanding people’s lifestyle, affinities, and personality types – all from social activity. From this information, StatSocial works with IBM Watson to derive the personality types of its users, i.e., StatSocial can determine if a person is adventurous. Retailers and businesses can use this information to truly understand their customers and, based on their interests, can send them targeted offers based on their interest areas.

Businesses today know that consumers are expecting personalized offers and they want to be understood by their favorite brands. StatSocial helps businesses create models that do just this – help drive specific, personalized offers, based on IBM Watson analytics capabilities.

Watch the video to find out more.

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