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Two Tech Giants Just Changed the Customer Experience World

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In the late ‘90s, I wasn’t worrying about contributing to my 401K. Heck, I probably didn’t even know what the term meant. For better or worse, time progressed and the word 401K now comes up way too much in my social circles. The world has changed drastically since the ‘90s and ecommerce is no exception. If you were doing ecommerce back then, you were ahead of the curve, regardless of how regionally isolated those digital selling efforts might have been. Nowadays, that’s no longer the case. Just to keep up with the curve, chances are your ecommerce strategy has gone global. And with the proliferation of global ecommerce, the need to utilize content delivery networks (CDNs) has been adopted.

The rise of CDNs

Enter Akamai, the biggest name in CDNs. A name that, lately, you might have seen in the same sentence as IBM. So what’s all the buzz about?

In May, at the IBM Amplify conference, we announced a new partnership between Akamai and IBM. This initiative is designed to enable IBM the ability to offer our passive network capture in the cloud to our clients, making IBM the only provider of a SaaS-based customer experience management (CEM) solution (IBM Tealeaf) able to achieve this. It also enables our clients to capture cached data that sits on CDNs.

Capturing the customer experience

For those who recognize the value that passive network capture brings to CEM solutions, no, it’s not too early in the day to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate. For those who almost fell asleep at the mention of “passive network capture,” let me explain.

For existing IBM Tealeaf clients, gone are the days of data capture limitations on server side data.  Think non-JavaScript, BOTs and single page architectures. And not only can you capture server side data, but you can enhance your existing IBM Tealeaf investment by pulling in cached data from Akamai’s CDNs. With that data, it’s possible to uncover the key insights that can ultimately enable you to provide better digital experiences, customer service and respond to market dynamics.

If you’re an Akamai customer, don’t worry, we have good news for you too. The ability to easily adopt the industry leading SaaS-based CEM solution is here. Much of the data needed to effectively utilize a CEM, find key insights and create better customer experiences is the exact same data you have sitting on Akamai’s CDNs. IBM Tealeaf now has a direct connection into that data. Leverage your existing Akamai investment to adopt IBM Tealeaf with easy on-boarding and a drastic reduction in IT dependence and implementation times.

Going forward

This joint service launches today. Check out this short video from Akamai Edge 2016 and let your IBM or Akamai representative know if this service could potentially help your business.

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