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The Business Value of IBM Digital Experience Solutions

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Creating, managing and delivering first-class digital experiences is mission-critical for brands today, but consistently delivering that great experience has never been more challenging.

Your response to both internal and external changes has to be lightning fast. You have to duplicate the message across more and more channels. And even though expectations are higher, you still have to consider ROI when evaluating solutions. Website development and content management can consume a lot of time and bandwidth within your organization.

I am pleased to report that the IBM Digital Experience platform is a proven solution that helps address all those issues – time, bandwidth, performance and productivity. But don’t take just our word for it; IDC recently surveyed organizations that use our digital experience solutions and the results are impressive.  This infographic summarizes their findings that show that the IBM Digital Experience platform delivers tangible business value.  We invite you to take a look for yourself!



To learn more about the business value you can gain from the IBM Digital Experience solution, read the full STUDY from IDC.


Here are just a few of the reasons why IBM Digital Experience performs so well:

  • With IBM Digital Experience, you can publish to or revise all of your digital platforms without IT or developer support, so you’re more agile and can be more responsive to marketplace changes.
  • IBM Digital Experience is available in the cloud, so your global team can easily collaborate, and valuable content is available to everyone.
  • IBM Digital Experience is cognitive. As you tag content, the system learns, and will be able to recommend content or identify gaps in your content library.

We’re very proud of how well received the IBM Digital Experience solution has been and how well it’s performing for our customers. HERE’S where you can get more information about our content management solution.

Director, Offering Management, Digital Experience Software

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