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Why Owning Mobile Payments Is Good for Retailers and Their Customers: Part One

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Loyal brand customers like Becky are now using their smartphones while shopping in store 75% of the time, but she has a mobile checkout problem. She likes using her mobile phone for checkout but she wants a fast, easy mobile payments experience with her favorite brand’s loyalty rewards and coupons available in a single mobile solution.


In this blog series, we’ll explore the benefits for both customers and their favorite brands when merchants deploy an integrated, fast and rich “brand pay” mobile checkout solution.

Customers today rarely have convenient access to their brand’s loyalty points and rewards program and any coupons or offers they’ve recently received. Many merchants have rewards available in their own brand mobile app, but they are not integrated with payments, which means that the customer is left swapping between apps or using paper coupons and rewards during checkout. This reduces offer acceptance and slows the checkout process.

Additionally, Becky’s shopping experience today is a journey curated entirely by the merchant except at checkout, when the end customer chooses between a growing number of payment options available. Allowing Becky to save a payment method on file and checkout directly from the mobile app will enable richer engagement, more offer acceptance, and a delightful customer experience.

IBM thinks it is time for Becky to have a single, comprehensive and rich mobile checkout solution from her favorite brands. Find out about IBM Pay.

Read Part Two in this blog series.

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