Envisioning the 10–Year Impact of Big Data and Analytics on Commerce

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As the Future Project 2025 series comes to a close, we wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on the insights gathered from the brightest and most talented Futurists on what commerce will look like 10 years out. The topic on everyone’s mind was data, and how it can drive more powerful and meaningful customer engagement.

“Predictive and cognitive analytics are a game changer,” says Stan Phelps, founder of 9 INCH Marketing. But the key to being predictive about customers’ wants is understanding their past behavior and catering to those needs.  Terry Duperon, founder of Retail ProSales, echoes this excitement about cognitive and predictive analytics, “it offers the capability to predict what customers want, their jouney, and to create more powerful customer loyalty.”

In addition to observations from Stan and Terry, the featured eBook contains collective insights from 9 more of the brightest minds in marketing. You can preview it here:

The Future Project Medium ebook cover

Download the full ebook to learn how brands can create a new way to engage, in preparation for the shift coming in the next 10 years. Topics discussed include:

1. The Big Data and Analytics Impact on Business and the Individual Today vs. the Future

2. The Industries and Roles Most Impacted by Commerce, Big Data and Analytics in the Next 10 Years

3. Convergence of Big Data and Analytics with Social, Mobile and Commerce



You can also join the conversation on Twitter with all of our Futurists by using #NewWayToEngage.

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