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Introducing the New IBM Digital Analytics: Modern Design, New Reporting Options, Unlimited Reports and More

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From talking with many of you, we know IBM Digital Analytics has often played a key role in the daily tough decisions within your digital commerce business. Now that your customers are using multi-channel journeys at multiple touch-points to drive to a purchase, the focus on delivering great experiences has never been so important. The way you see your customers and how you manage your business has evolved. IBM understands that you need the right tools to evolve with you.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the launch a new version of IBM Digital Analytics. We have been working closely with clients to ensure that the new IBM Digital Analytics is designed for practitioners and the way they work. The new solution will help you solve for today’s digital customer, while arming you with the tools to build for tomorrow. We have focused on building on the reliability of IBM Digital Analytics, with the addition of modern upgrades. IBM Digital Analytics can help you deliver great customer experiences across multiple channels, all within an integrated view.

Gain marketing insights faster than ever before

The new interface is modern, fresh and based on HTML. With consolidated Analytics and Explore, you no longer have two different interfaces. Instead, a single UI facilitates a consistent report building process across all ad-hoc reports, including Truepaths and Clickstreams. Workspaces provide you an organized visual way to see your reports so you can immediately view trend data and gain insights when you login to IBM Digital Analytics.

New reporting options

You now have the ability to export reports into PDF format or to Tableau for data visualizations, along with drag-and-drop organization for dashboards and workspaces. With increased report columns, you can access multiple data points in a single report. We are also providing more data storage to run year-over-year analysis and increasing the data available to build custom reports up to two years.

Data on the go with no more limits

IBM Digital Analytics supports responsive design and is optimized for tablet devices. We want to make your data and reports available anywhere, at any time, across devices.

And you can now run an unlimited number of reports across any client ID. With IBM Digital Analytics, you can build unlimited segments and apply them to any report with no date range restrictions.

Partner integrations for powerful analysis

The Ghostery tracker map, integrated into IBM Digital Analytics, allows tracking of all tags on your website, including their performance. This will empower you to optimize your website and create a trusted digital experience for your customers. Another partnership we have is the integration with Tableau. Customers who have Tableau will be able to easily send reports and exports created in IBM Digital Analytics to Tableau for deeper analysis and data visualizations.

There’s much more. Experience it for yourself.

This is just a glimpse into the new IBM Digital Analytics and what it has to offer. The best way to learn about all the new version has to offer is to try it yourself. Depending on whether you’re a current IBM Digital Analytics customer or not, there are a couple different ways to get on board.

If you’re an existing IBM Digital Analytics customer, first off, thank you, and you can access the new version using your existing client ID to log in. To get started, please visit our Client Success Essentials site for training resources, webinars and additional documentation. Also, please note that the current and new versions of IBM Digital Analytics will run in parallel at least until the end of the year. So, you have plenty of time to get up to speed.

For new customers, the best way to experience the improvements is to use them in the context of our new solution, IBM Customer Experience Analytics. It powerfully integrates features from Digital Analytics with behavior analytics and journey analytics.

We invite you to explore the IBM Customer Experience Analytics interactive demo to get a closer look at some of these expanded capabilities. Come along on a journey with Nancy, a director of digital commerce, and see how she uses the solution to understand customers individually and in aggregate, enabling her to identify trends, view key metrics and gain insight into every step of the customer journey

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