Evolving Email in a Cross-Channel World: Facebook and IBM UBX

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We live in a world where at least 1 in 5 people standing in front of you in line is on Facebook or Instagram. Getting a hold of someone through only one channel no longer makes sense: who can’t you reach when you can email, text, call, video – insert X social platform here? Since 2010, these paradigm shifts in communication have developed not just between friends and family, but also between people and businesses.

The reality is that the “shift to mobile” has long occurred and marketers are now grappling with its aftermath. In today’s cross-channel world, traditional email marketing is alive and well and email is still the key data connecting the dots across a consumer’s journey – on mobile websites, m-Commerce sites, apps, or the plethora of social and messaging platforms on mobile. At the end of the day, your Facebook login is still your email address.

The same goal that the email marketer had before “social” – engaging the right people using relevant data – is now expected to continue its course operationally and financially with all of these other channels in tandem. Businesses, no matter how big or small, have a taller order than ever of presenting a cohesive, cool brand image both online and offline. They’re expected to drive sales, build awareness and strengthen customer loyalty – all the things they were supposed to before, but this time using ‘social audiences’, X new platform with Y new budgetary requirements, and all the while probably wondering, “Is this even my job to begin with?”

We partner with Facebook to tackle these issues head on. How do we personalize at scale while respecting privacy and customer opt-in? How do we ensure that the ads and emails you see are delivered seamlessly, to the point that you not only gloss over them but that they interest and inspire you? And how can we help marketers combine the first-party data they have on the platforms they’re already using to extend the reach of their email marketing at scale?

With IBM UBX powering IBM Marketing Cloud Social Audiences, marketers can send email-keyed audiences to Facebook and connect their first-party email data onto platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We’ve seen the combination of email and Facebook run successfully in both reach and precision – extending the relevant reach for an email marketer as much as 77%.

Check out this video of Yvette Lui, Facebook, as she talks about UBX, Facebook and personalization at scale. To learn more about IBM Marketing Cloud Social Audiences, view the use case below and try your hand at Facebook’s free Blueprint LMS modules introducing you to the world of social paid media.

Learn more at IBM Marketing Cloud Social Audiences:

This feature concludes our UBX Business Partner highlight series of our flagship launch partners. Stay up to date as we continuously grow our UBX ecosystem in 2016 with innovative partner solutions that enrich the marketer’s view of the customer journey.

If you are interested in learning more about the IBM Commerce Ecosystem or UBX, please contact Iris Yuan at

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