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Introducing IBM Customer Experience Analytics

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Yesterday, I had the honor of hosting the Customer Analytics keynote address at IBM Amplify 2016, where the theme is “Outthink Ordinary.” We covered a number of groundbreaking developments IBM has made in the last year and unveiled our latest innovation, Customer Experience Analytics. This solution will enable you to understand customer behavior and optimize experiences in a more complete and meaningful way than ever before. I’m proud of our team and believe that, together, this set of innovations represents truly extraordinary thinking. For those of you not able to join us here in Tampa, I’d like to share the latest from IBM Customer Analytics.

Addressing Your Challenges with Customer Experience Analytics

We have partnered closely with our clients to understand their challenges and obstacles, as they confront the daunting task of meeting the high-expectations of their own customers.

In this process, two issues rose to the top:

  • As customers now interact with brands in a multi-touch process, across numerous devices and channels, it’s a struggle to get an accurate view of the complete journeys they travel.
  • Companies have specialized software solutions siloed in different areas of the business. Each one only solves a piece of the puzzle, making it difficult to gain the insights needed to act in a timely manner and even more difficult to “see” their customers holistically.

These are the challenges that our new offering— IBM Customer Experience Analytics – addresses. This solution will enable you to:

  • Understand, analyze and take action on data-backed insights to optimize the experiences of your customers.
  • Provide an end-to-end view of a customer’s journey with contextual and actionable intelligence at every level—from segment-based aggregates all the way down to a single user’s multi-channel experience with your brand.

See how your customers travel from one channel to another with journey analysis.

  • Benefit from role-based dashboards, flexible reporting, session replay, eventing and alerting, site optimization and mindset analysis.
Gain insights from an in all-in-one dashboard tailored to your role, where you can easily identify trends, better understand your channels and more.

Gain insights from an in all-in-one dashboard tailored to your role, where you can easily identify trends, better understand your channels and more.

To learn more about IBM Customer Experience Analytics, visit where you can play with our interactive demo, see a how-to video and learn tips for successfully driving a superior customer experience.

A More Refined Digital Analytics Experience

IBM Customer Experience Analytics was made possible by integrating innovations we’ve made from across our portfolio. For example, we’ve completely revamped IBM Digital Analytics —from UI to the back-end—to enable users to more quickly identify challenges and opportunities and take action. We have also incorporated Ghostery Marketing Cloud Management, created new, simplified graphical views of top-line metrics and created the concept of workbooks all in recent months.

More Powerful and Accessible Customer Behavior Analytics

We’ve also had exciting developments in our Tealeaf portfolio. Earlier this year, we achieved a major milestone with the addition of the Overstat site optimization module to our SaaS offering, IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud. And, at Amplify we previewed a new partnership with Akamai, to accelerate time-to-value and to open Tealeaf to new traffic sources. Akamai runs the world’s leading content delivery network (CDN) platform and delivers over two trillion daily Internet interactions. Previously, this traffic could not be captured by SaaS-based replay offerings on the market, including our own. With our ground-breaking joint development work, IBM alone will now be able to capture and report on this traffic enabling the full benefit of IBM Tealeaf for brands who use Akamai’s CDN. This innovation will be available this fall with limited beta opportunities beginning in July. Both Tealeaf CX on Cloud and Tealeaf CX on premises have also benefited from recent enhancements in DOM-capture which are now upwards of 8 times more efficient than earlier DOM capture methods.

Our Journey to Help You Understand the Paths Your Customers Travel

We’ve partnered closely with customers, since last December, as they have deployed a beta version of the journey analysis capability that will be a central part of Customer Experience Analytics. This capability makes it possible for them to see the complete cross channel journeys their customers have taken, and to understand which are shortest, highest value or most frequent. At Amplify, our audience heard from Tom Johnson of Clorox and learned how our journey analysis approach is helping his company better understand the paths customers take to key milestones like ratings and reviews. This insight enables Clorox to use customer content to accelerate the customer journey.

With Ensighten, IBM Universal Behavior Exchange’s Data Network Gets Even Better

During the keynote, we also gave a recap of how we brought Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) to market last fall and highlighted how Ensighten’s integration expands the data sources available in UBX that can be consumed by the journey analysis capabilities within IBM Customer Experience Analytics. Ensighten brings an ecosystem of over 1,100 marketing technologies and, with this integration, we can now report on any of them.

Take a Hands-on Tour of Customer Experience Analytics

I want to invite you to see a real-world example of IBM’s new Customer Experience Analytics in action. Sign-up for the interactive demo to see first-hand how it can help your business.

I think you’ll agree that we’ve delivered innovation in Customer Analytics this year. We can’t wait to hear your success stories!

Vice President, IBM Customer Analytics

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