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Introducing IBM Control Center v6.1: High Availability, More Managed Endpoints, and Simplified Data Access

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Life is good until… your B2B or MFT system goes down. Suddenly this seemingly innocuous piece of your infrastructure—the thing that “always works”—isn’t available. I’ve seen it. Business grinds to a halt. Even if it’s just minutes, it can have a tremendous ripple effect throughout your organization.

The impact of an outage can typically be translated into real dollars lost, or unplanned costs incurred. To add insult to injury, someone’s going to get called to the boss’s office and put under a microscope. It doesn’t matter that the system has been continuously running for 692 days, the boss will want to know what happened today and why.

It’s scenarios like this that are causing enterprises to up their game on business continuity plans (BCP), including disaster recovery plans (DRP).

So, you have critical infrastructure that runs your business, such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with Global High Availability Mailbox or IBM Sterling Connect:Direct? You have disaster recovery plans to address redundancy and offsite backups that support business continuity objectives. But is that enough?

In some situations, it might be. However, if your system is critical enough to require that level of redundancy, it’s likely that you need to include your monitoring solutions in your DRP.

This is where IBM Control Center comes in. Control Center has long monitored the bulk of IBM’s B2B and MFT offerings, including Sterling B2B Integrator and Sterling File Gateway, Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling Connect:Enterprise, Sterling Connect:Express, Sterling Secure Proxy, and MQ Managed File Transfer. It provides:

  • Monitoring of components (are they up or down)
  • Track and trace for files and business processes
  • Event consolidation and storage for audit requirements
  • Reporting and analytics

Starting in IBM Control Center v6.1, Control Center supports

  • High availability for always-ready monitoring of data exchange
  • More managed endpoints for greater visibility and control, including out-of-the-box monitoring for the new Global High Availability Mailbox and availability of the Open Server Architecture APIs to build monitoring for non-IBM endpoints
  • Simplified access to and usage of your event data

High availability

In Control Center V6.1, we have separated the collection and processing of events into separate components—the event repository and the event processor—as well as the web server that runs the web console. You can cluster these components separately and configure them for automatic failover. This separation also improves efficiency of processing power for monitoring high volumes of events. Learn more here.

More managed endpoints

One benefit of having a centralized monitoring solution like Control Center is that you can see more of you B2B and MFT activities in one place. In Control Center v6.1, we introduce monitoring for the new IBM Global High Availability Mailbox, which brings visibility to Global Mailbox under the same pane of glass as the other systems you are already monitoring. We also introduce a new publish and subscribe mechanism, which allows you to use Control Center to monitor any B2B or MFT endpoint that can publish events.

You can see a quick demonstration of Control Center monitoring Global High Availability Mailbox here, or learn more here.

Simplified access to data

We’re all under pressure to do things easier, faster, better. I’m in the same boat. With that in mind, Control Center v6.1 introduces several new features that help you find and use the data that you need.

  • Tabbed screens that collect related data into one screen
  • Summary records that correlate related events into one record of the process or file transfer,
  • Ability to customize screens with new columns and data

Learn more here.

control center embed

In summary, when you have critical infrastructure such as IBM Global High Availability Mailbox, you also need HA deployment options for your monitoring solution. With IBM Control Center v6.1, you can implement always-ready monitoring that will increase your confidence in the health of your critical processing environments, ensure you are on top of any issues so you can remediate them before they become disasters, and more easily find information you need to answer questions. Even better, maybe you can get called to the boss’s office for implementing a great solution for business continuity!

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