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Paving the Way for Better Customer Journeys with Actionable Insights

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Imagine if you will, a fictional company, CityCool. Back in September, CityCool launched their new flagship product, Sleekfit 2.0. The customer and editorial reviews were generally positive, and they are on track to meet their end-of -year revenue goals. With the holiday shopping season just ahead of them, CityCool hopes to gather insights about how, when, and where customers are purchasing from them to design better customer journeys for their shoppers. After the successful launch, Tom, the VP of Marketing, has set a “reach” goal of increasing the revenue by an additional 10% during the holiday season. In order to do this, they’ll need actionable insights. Time for the team to get to work.

Learn from the launch
As a first step, CityCool’s data analyst, Anthony, uses IBM Journey Analytics to uncover the top paths customers traveled on their way to purchasing the Sleekfit 2.0. Anthony quickly selects the cart purchase of the Sleekfit 2.0 as the end point of the journey he wants to explore and sets a date range of 14 days to see what customers did in the two weeks leading up to the purchase.
He decides to sort the list by the most traveled paths and learns that customers who ended up purchasing came in from all kinds of channels ranging from traditional web, mobile, email and social. As it turned out, the most traveled path involved social media promotion that led to mobile conversions and their fastest path to conversion is through mobile push that led customers to convert on their mobile phones. Their highest revenue path was through email to their loyal customers who converted on the web. Now marketing knows that, in order to meet the 10% revenue goal, they need to create a multichannel campaign. Next, Anthony shares his findings to Ann, the customer experience designer, so she can build out the customer experience using IBM Journey Designer.

Collaboratively design
While Carlos is working on the rich notifications creative, Ann will get started on the journey for loyal customers. Because she learned, from Journey Analytics, that email was the most effective channel for these customers, she decides to create a ‘share the love’ email campaign to recent buyers. Ann knows that CityCool customers are their biggest advocates, and because of the Sleekfit 2.0’s new social features, the user experience is even better with friends and family. She designs a journey with web pages and emails encouraging recent buyers to give the Sleekfit 2.0 as a gift. She determines she will need two desktop banners, one mobile banner, and three emails. She creates a new work request and sends this to Carlos’s team.

Carlos is notified of the work request through the Journey Designer interface and sees that Ann has set a due date of next week. He and his team design the creative, attach it to the requests, and mark it as completed.

Ann is alerted of the completed task from Carlos’s team and applies the creative to the customer touch points. She then notifies Evan and Janice, the channel owners of mobile and email that their campaigns are ready to be built. After looking at the customer journeys Ann has designed, Evan and Janice have a few clarifying questions, which they post in the comments section of the storyboard. Ann answers them and Evan and Janice proceed to build out the campaigns.

A few days later, Ann lets Tom know that the campaigns are ready to go. Tom takes a quick look and posts to the storyboard that everything looks great and they have a green-light to go live.

Understand experiences
The campaign is off to a successful start and is on track to meet the additional revenue goal for the holiday season. A few days into the campaign, Anthony returns to analytics to see if customers are behaving as planned. He finds that, overall, the multichannel campaign mapped out by Ann in Journey Designer, using data-driven insights is performing well, with many customers following similar paths to purchase to those mapped out by Ann. To ensure that there are no trouble spots, Anthony sets an end point of cart abandonment of Sleekfit 2.0, setting the date range back to the beginning of the holiday campaign. He will then be able to notice the most-traveled paths to determine problematic areas of abandonment in the Sleekfit 2.0 customer journey in order to investigate potential issues and make improvements moving forward.

Together, IBM Journey Analytics and IBM Journey Designer enable marketers to design carefully crafted, insight-driven customer journeys. With the actionable insights gained from analytics, customer experience designers have everything they need to hone in on important details of improvement for their customer journeys. Learn more about IBM Journey Analytics and IBM Journey Designer and sign up to try IBM Journey Designer at no cost today.

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