IBM Marketing Cloud and Mobile Push

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It’s been a big year for IBM Commerce and Silverpop; as we launched our new flagship product the IBM Marketing Cloud to the general public with great success and fanfare. The IBM Marketing Cloud changes the way marketers engage with their customers and is built to automate and personalize engagements across email, mobile, web, and social channels. One of the key components and capabilities of our cloud is mobile; and more specifically, how we enable marketers to communicate in a variety of different mobile channels depending on the ever changing customer journey. Over the past 9 months we’ve made a lot of improvements to our mobile capabilities and they will only continue to get more and more exciting as we continue to expand our breadth and depth. In this blog post I focus on our mobile app push capabilities, and in subsequent posts, I’ll focus on SMS and mobile email.

Mobile Push

The IBM Marketing Cloud connects the power of the cloud, to customers’ mobile app–capturing insights in real-time to drive personalized mobile experiences to each and every customer interaction, driving higher app engagement, increased brand recognition, and revenue growth. Our solution goes above and beyond basic mobile push notification solutions to deliver completely personalized message by combining mobile app data with rich consumer profile information already stored in the IBM Marketing Cloud. The ability to combine mobile app behaviors with other channel data/behaviors (like email, web, social) gives our clients unrivaled capabilities for targeting customers at the right time, right place, and most importantly in the right context. For example, instead of sending a generic push notification to every customer when they enter your store just because you know they are physically present, you could, instead, send a unique coupon notification to Customer A who buys 3x a week, was just looking at some high dollar items via the website, and is a member of the brand loyalty program. That micro-segment probably has a higher propensity to buy versus Customer B who has never made a purchase, doesn’t subscribe to your emails, and isn’t a member of the brand loyalty program. The right context makes a huge difference.

mobie push1

With the fall release of the IBM Marketing Cloud, we have a very robust set of mobile app push notification capabilities that give marketers the ability to:

  • Combine and connect mobile engagement data with existing customer profiles for cross-channel analysis, segmentation & targeting.
  • Send targeted and engaging push notification campaigns to iOS (including Apple Watch) and Android devices that leverage each customer’s unique profile data from all channels, not just mobile (via UI or API).
  • Including Interactive Notifications, Rich Push Notifications that can be stored and accessed via an In-App Inbox, and highly engaging In-App Notifications that can be triggered based on real-time app interactions.
  • Create multi-step and cross-channel automated programs and campaigns for customers at each stage of the mobile app lifecycle.
  • Achieve a truly closed loop marketing strategy across all channels by integrating push campaign response information with other channel interactions and customer profile data.
  • Measure how effectively push notification campaigns are performing at the campaign, app, and date levels.


We all know that understanding customers and personalizing their experiences are key to developing long term customer loyalty. The IBM Marketing Cloud team is committed to this philosophy and our long term mobile roadmap will only serve to enhance and strengthen our capabilities for communicating to customers via traditional mobile channel and whatever mobile mediums may be on the horizon.

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