It’s Serendipity – IBM Journey Designer Is Here!

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We marketing professionals have a monumental opportunity to design serendipity for our customers— those happy circumstances that conspire to give customers “You read my mind” moments. Think about it. You’ve had those experiences with innovative brands, right? I have too, and those brands quickly become a favorite, or a worthy contender.

We’re announcing IBM Journey Designer, which is available today and at no cost, precisely because we believe that marketers have an opportunity to make even the most mundane moments magical for their customers. We’re helping marketers to engineer serendipitous moments because that’s really what it’s going to take to acquire customers and build loyalty, and that’s where we are with this marketing innovation. The opportunity is clear. Our recent research shows that only 22 percent of consumers say the average retailer understands them.

IBM Journey Designer enables you to refine your marketing across channels – online and offline – to delight customers with seamless experiences. And, it’s a real silo buster. Invite your team to create visual journey storyboards and collaborate in real time with members of your department, organization and agency partners. It lets you ask questions, send comments and attach files to build a creative brief for each customer journey you design.

IBM Journey Designer isn’t standing still. This is only the first step in enabling you to design seamless omni-channel journeys to delight your customers. Join the conversation in the IBM Customer Experience Design group on LinkedIn and keep up to date on how—as part of the IBM Marketing CloudIBM Journey Designer advances over the coming months to bring you a seamless experience from planning and design through execution and analysis.

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