IBM Marketing Cloud and SugarCRM Are Teaming Up for Extraordinary Customer Experiences

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We all know the importance of customer experience. Watermark Consulting published a great study on this showing that customer experience leaders outperform the S&P 500 by 35 points, and customer experience laggards post a return 45 points lower than the S&P 500. Yet, many organizations struggle with providing a consistent and optimized experience for their customers because of internal siloes between sales, marketing and services teams, and also because of disconnects between digital touchpoints, such as digital marketing initiatives, and human touchpoints, such as sales, service, and call center staff.

How many times can you think of cases where a prospect received an email or web offer, but then followed up with a salesperson who had no knowledge of that offer?

That’s why SugarCRM is very excited to be working with IBM on the new IBM Marketing Cloud and SugarCRM solution. Multiple customers, including Rodobens in Brazil, and Henry Wurst Inc., have already chosen to deploy the newly released offering, which integrates Sugar for customer relationship management and IBM Marketing Cloud, built on Silverpop Engage, for marketing automation.

Rodobens, one of Brazil’s top 100 conglomerates, with more than 4,000 employees, is a diversified financial services and automotive company. Rodobens will be using IBM Marketing Cloud and Sugar to give tablet-equipped staff at car dealerships the ability to deliver coordinated personalized service to customers. The company will also use Sugar to create an integrated view of customer data stored in disparate systems. As a result, staff can identify opportunities to cross sell and up-sell financial and insurance products that are relevant to the customer.

“We’re very excited about how Sugar and IBM Marketing Cloud can work together to drive a customer-centered transformation in our business,” said Rodobens CRM director, Samara Brizante.

“With Sugar and IBM Marketing Cloud, we are looking to gain deeper insights into our customer base – who they are, what is important to them, who their relationships are, how much each one spends with us, and what the contribution margin of each customer is.”

Rodobens will also be using Sugar and IBM Marketing Cloud along with other IBM solutions: PureData, Cognos, SPSS, Unica and Silverpop and ODM. All of these systems will feed into Sugar, providing a complete picture of each customer: their preferences, patterns and potential up-sell or bonus opportunities.

“We’re pleased to see how well this solution is being received by our customers,” said Larry Augustin, SugarCRM CEO. “IBM Marketing Cloud and Sugar have immediately resonated with clients who are looking to improve customer engagement and business performance. Together, Sugar and IBM Marketing Cloud enhance customer relationships while making marketing more efficient, sales more productive and service more satisfying.”

IBM Marketing Cloud and SugarCRM empower the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey by leveraging customer data, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions.

Integration with Sugar customer relationship management software provides:

Automatic Customer Data Sync: Automatic data synchronization between Sugar and IBM Marketing Cloud delivers a complete view of customer activity across all departments and functions, and eliminates data duplication and inconsistencies.

Customized Alerts: Alerts can be set to inform key stakeholders in any department when a customer reaches a certain score or rank. Scoring models can be built based on a broad range of behaviors.

Contact Insight: Enables users across Sales, Marketing and Service to open and track all interactions with customers and prospects. Sales personnel can add contacts in the CRM system and trigger automatic inclusion in marketing programs.

IBM Marketing Cloud emails sent directly from Sugar: Sales teams can customize pre-configured email templates and use them to communicate personally with their customers and prospects.

“At IBM, we’re committed to delivering exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey,” said John Mesberg, General Manager, Offering Management and Strategy, IBM Commerce. “Our integration with Sugar enables us to tap a rich store of customer data that includes all touchpoints – both human and digital. This comprehensive view makes for better decisions and more meaningful interactions at every step. We’re very pleased at the added value this integration delivers to our users.”

Register for a SugarCRM demo, visit the Sugar Exchange, or find out more about Silverpop. For the most up-to-date list of events, please refer to the SugarCRM events calendar.

Laurence Leong, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, SugarCRM

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