The Facts and Figures in Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Execution

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A marketer’s ability to innovate and effectively exploit customer digital information is crucial for survival in today’s turbulent business environment. A new Econsultancy research report called The Consumer Conversation: The experience void between marketers and their customers commissioned by IBM found that a brands ability to innovate was being outpaced by consumer expectations.

Econsultancy conducted research on more than 250+ marketing brands and more than 1,100 consumers to understand the importance of personalization. Roughly three quarters of Marketer’s believed they delivered superior online customer experience, yet of the Consumers surveyed over half left their vendors from having less than an exceptional experience.

In a digital age a brands agility depends on having the right information. Creating immersive multichannel customer experiences will not be enough. Listening to customers at every touch point across multiple channels and product lines while still meeting the demands for real-time customized execution is what will lead to differentiation from other brands.

While Marketer’s may think they have a holistic view of their customers, Consumers would claim otherwise:

  • Only one in three consumers believe that their favorite companies understand them.
  • Of those who switched consumer services in the last year, most did so for reasons companies should be able to predict and prevent.
  • Of the nearly 50% who experienced a significant service issue in the last 12 months, only 28% say that the company dealt with it very effectively.

Consumers share a solemn account of the quality of the retail and service relationships in their lives. Trust still matters! Consumers are willing to give their information to brands they trust, however they rightly believe that there should be significant value in that exchange. Read the report to see why they’re not getting it!

IBMNR_Commerce_eConsultancy_Twitter01_03.31.15The report sheds light on the importance to understand different customer segments, or even individuals, and then to tailor engagement to the needs of those segments and individuals. More often than not, in the course of a conversation, a mobile page view, and/or an iPad search, a customer will divulge information that is vital to your overall success.  

We find that offering consumers direct choice to receiving a barrage of relevant messages can run counter to the optimal experience .

  • 56% of consumers felt most brands communication being irrelevant

Given a choice, a Consumer may likely choose the minimum in receiving messages if the alternative offers value at the moment in context. An important leap when you have established trust. Consumers are willing to share very personal information with their favorite brands presuming you genuinely understand them.

The research findings essentially emphasize the importance of listening to the customer, however filling the gap through flawless marketing execution will be contingent on what you do next.

Discover a new approach. Refine what you do today. Take a moment to learn more from this report.

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Marc Lemeiux

Even after the passing to time when originally done this is still relevant and helpful!



    Thanks Marc Lemeiux. Great research and insights should exactly provide that outcome.

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